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Vehicle Supply Chains in Humanitarian Operations

In the common-law system, the passing of goods take place when the at the time when the buyer intends it to be transferred and that is not bound to any rules and laws of...
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2021-06-22 01:48:42

How Just-In-Time Logistics Affects the Collective Power of Workers?

For an organization to forecast demand accurately, Just-in-time (JIT) is an advisable method to be used. In that regard, Just-in-time is an inventory strategy which busin...
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2021-06-29 16:44:20

Emission Controls and Regulations for Transport Departments in UK - Paper Example

In UK, emission controls and regulations for transport departments are enshrined under the European Union (EU) Law and the MARPOL Annex VI Convention. The UK government h...
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2021-07-09 03:28:44

Paper Example on Vehicle Routing Problem

The supply of commodities, referred by the general name, Vehicle Routing Problem, is among the most imperative elements of the supply chain. Therefore, the ve...
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2021-07-09 04:56:35

Paper Example on Transportation Improvement Plan - Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola is one of the global organizations that deal with soft drinks. In the United States of America, this is one of the most prominent companies that deal with bever...
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2021-07-10 13:57:21

Paper Example on Maritime Law and Marine Insurance

The Marine Insurance Act 2015 has laid most of the overall duty of the utmost good faith to the insuring party (Gauci, 2015). The duty of the insured is to provide all th...
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2021-07-12 04:32:21

Traffic Network Analysis - Paper Example

Transportation in the city of New York is viewed to be quite complex because of the diverse means of traveling, how the means interact in addition to the grand scale of t...
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2021-07-14 07:14:58

Paper Example on Geography of Transport Systems

The movement of people, information, and commodities is important when it comes to social and political issues. The issues, in this case, include manufacturing, supplying...
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2021-07-16 13:01:34

Nigeria Maritime Trade and Development: A Panacea for Economic Growth

Nations are dependent on the international exchange of goods and services as a boost for their economies. The international exchange of goods and services can be referred...
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2021-07-19 04:02:28

Essay on Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Introduction to Logistics/Supply Chain Management was a fascinating course. Despite the challenges that I had, I familiarised myself with the course and learning became e...
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2021-07-19 05:35:06