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Published: 2021-08-07
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What are some of the challenges of managing outsourcing component repair? Explain how one of these challenges could be overcome

The most significant problem of outsourcing components for repair in the aviation industry is the inability to monitor the shops concerning quality. Moreover, the United States has the highest number of the foreign stores within its borders. The international shops are found locally within the country and in other regions. It is not possible to have a feasible monitoring unit for all the shops. Moreover, the existing systems do not meet the capacity of efficient performance. The government can overcome the challenge of monitoring quality within its borders by proper implementation of a well-written action plan whose purpose is to ensure the existence of the required audit to ensure the companies assuring auditing of their planes for safety requirements adherence (Mangan & Lalwani, 2016).

Provide an example of an item that could be repaired by outsourcing and explain the process how management coordinates the repair.

One of the frequently outsourced items is the component system overhaul this part is mainly outsourced in situations where there is lack of the tooling and established maintenance systems. This explains the reason for outsourcing several other parts of the plane that are needed for the usual operation such as the engine. Maintenance expertise also resides mostly with the foreign investors thus outsourcing to attract their help (Mangan & Lalwani, 2016).

What are some of the factors to consider when selecting a MRO provider? Choose one of the factors and explain its importance.

The factors to consider when selecting an MRO provider include consolidated client relationship, functional demands of the MRO. The required investment for the development of repair shop, system suppliers and the nature of the competition in the market. The system suppliers help to determine essential issues like when the contract would be closed (Crandall, Crandall & Chen, 2014).

How do air carriers ensure the maintenance performed by an outside source meets regulatory

The maintenance performed by the external source must meet regulatory requirements, and this is ensured through proper auditing of the foreign shops. The auditing provides that they stick to the standard conditions (Wang et al., 2015)

Explain the four levels of an MRO. Provide an example of an airline that uses one of these levels and discusses why this level was chosen

Level one involves familiarization since the company is still unlicensed. The second level includes Transit while level three consists of the certification of the staff and the support staff. Finally, the last level requires certification of personnel and the base management (Wang et al., 2015).


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