Essay on Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Published: 2021-07-19
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Introduction to Logistics/Supply Chain Management was a fascinating course. Despite the challenges that I had, I familiarised myself with the course and learning became easier because the approaches used enabled me to learn new ideas, explore the essentials of integrated business logistics and the importance of logistics principles application to supply chain management. The course instilled in me invaluable activities involved in supply chain management such as warehousing, inventory management, purchasing and customer service.

The compelling topics that I learned in the course include the logistics systems used in supply chain management which are the plans, implements and efficient movement of goods and services from production to the consumption point. Another instrumental topic that I learned is the role of corporate responsibility in the supply chain as Amaeshi, Osuji and Nnodim (2008) posit that the corporate world uses the code of conduct and value reorientations as potential sources of exerting positive moral effect along the supply chain. Other topics that I learned include the impact of logistics and supply chain systems in industries and the warm relationship between the supplier and the customer.

One concept that made the understanding of this course easy is how companies manage the supply chain. I was able to learn the chain and match the supply chain with a product. It became easy when our professor asked me to design a supply chain for smartphones from the manufacture and the processes involved until the consumer receives the product. Also, the concept of supply chain management and customer satisfaction was crucial in understanding the course. I comprehended the importance of consumer satisfaction in the supply chain. The course became easy when I read about the characteristics of a satisfied customer and the chain strategies that a company uses to satisfy consumers. Moreover, I enjoyed learning the channels of distribution, the various networks involved, and the activities of the different members of distribution channels for efficient movement of products in the supply chain. These concepts instilled insightful knowledge that helped me in understanding supply chain and logistics.

The lessons gained in the course made an impact and can be applied in life. The principles discussed in the course enable an organization to achieve a competitive advantage and create value addition. For instance, I can implement the quality tools in the supply chain to customers and suppliers, monitor and measure supplier performance in any business. The course has also taught me how to understand and apply the principles in developing a supply chain strategy, selection of the preferred suppliers, and building relationships with the various channels in the supply chain. Moreover, the course has impacted my passion for training the future leaders in the industry.

I could not get the most on the course without additional information from other sources apart from face to face interaction in class. The discussion board enabled collaboration among the students as Aleksic-Maslac, Magzan and Juric (2009) observe that discussion boards provide an opportunity for collaborative learning. I was able to ask questions and got answers more quickly because other students had already addressed some of these issues. It also gave me insights on how to tackle assignments and prepare for exams. I encountered a problem while studying but the students posted ideas about the subject, and I was given reference materials that solved my problem. Furthermore, the intellipath assignments helped in building the understanding of the course, tailored the lesson in a way that met my needs, monitored my progress, and individualized support.

In conclusion, this course will have an impact on my career because I have gained skills which will help me to understand the supply chain in business operation leading to the creation of successful customers.


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Amaeshi, K. M., Osuji, O. K., & Nnodim, P. (2008). Corporate social responsibility in supply chains of global brands: A boundaryless responsibility? Clarifications, exceptions and implications. Journal of Business ethics, 81(1), 223-234.



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