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Published: 2021-07-07
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Buying car is a dream for many since it considered as a luxurious asset that tells more about ones social status. There are various factors that needs to be consider, such as the cost of the car, durability, re-sell as well as comfort. An individual may decide to purchase a car that they can afford, either domestic or from foreign manufacturers, luxurious or simple, sport or general, etc. Others might decide to buy used or new ones and the benefits of buying a particular car compared to leasing it. Purchasing a car is like purchasing a candy from a shop, therefore there are some features that will gratify you and fulfill your fancies. For this matter, further precautions need to be taken while determining the kind of the car to buy. The following essay focuses on personal perception in the factors that I will consider while analyzing the best way to buy a car.

Firstly, I will survey on the available models around, to have a prior knowledge of the possibility of getting what I desire. This will involve going to the showrooms and see the latest and the past models of the cars, searching on the internet, together with asking friends and family members about the efficiency and features of their cars. Also, through the internet, checking on the review of particular cars that I have interest on, before selecting my top 3 choices to narrow down my list. The choice that I will make will be with respect to the purpose of the car. People purchase the car for the different purpose, others for corporate functions, personal use, sporting, while others for luxury only. Different cars are designed for different purpose, and this influences its design, speed, comfort, model together with its functionality and capacity. I consider buying a car for my personal and luxury use, depending on my budget, the most appropriate car is the one that is comfier, with considerable speed and with an elegant design and model. However, the cozier the car will be expensive, whether new or used.

Determine the budget: Once I evaluate my financial capacity, I will be able to know whether the money I have is enough to purchase the car with absolute cash, or it will need financial support or I will lease a car. My budget will also tell the brand and model of the car that I can afford, meet the maintenance cost, together with the cost and availability of the spare parts. I will check the personal finances then put the spending cap on the purchasing power. It is considered that the mid-priced brand-new car will operate effectively, if not advanced that a higher priced model. Nevertheless, the car's functionality will depend on the manner at which the owner maintained it and the cost spent on purchasing it.

Secondly, the showroom shopping. I prefer going to the manufacturers stores within instead of going to the local car dealer whom I am not sure if all parts in the car are legit. The legit car dealers may offer discounts together with the complete range of after-sales services that are offered only by the manufacturers. There are more incidences of car scam out there, its better to blander on the caution side. In any case, I will be dropping some thousands of dollars on something that I expect to offer me services for at least twenty years. After making my selection, I will do a driving test, and ensure that I bring someone on board. The person can either be the friend, independent car mechanic or even the car dealer. The responsibility of this person is to assist me to have a look at the car's finer details during the drive-test. Keep in mind that the comfort of the matter is of essence also. The mechanic will be able to caution me about the possible problem that they are in the car, its maintenance possibility and assist e in deciding on whether or not the maintenance of the car will be an aspect I can financially cover in the future. After the drive-test, now it is the purchasing deal. The sales people at the showroom work on the commission basis, therefore the more cars and expensive they sell the better for their pockets. The purchasing decision should never be influenced by the emotional connection that I share with a friendly sales person.

Decisively, purchasing a car entails a great deal of researching, searching and then decision-making. It will be simple to do car hunting for the individual who has prior knowledge regarding particular aspects with respect to the decision making. Buying a cat is a heavy investment of money and time, and for that reason, it should be taken seriously. By respecting some particular steps and going to do further research, purchasing a car can be effortless, and even a fun project.

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