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The History of Derivatives

The derivative in mathematics refers to the exact rate at which one quantity fluctuates with respect to another. In fact, in geometrical terms, the derivative is simply t...
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2021-06-30 04:58:37

Research Paper on Social-Cultural Theory in Learning Mathematics

The impact of Vygotsky's social-cultural theory on education is very huge. Although Vygotsky does not deny the roles of biological factors in the ability to learn, he ins...
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2021-07-08 17:05:14

Paper Example on Design and Analysis of Arrangement and Combinations

This work in design and analysis of arrangement and combinations is concerned with a new, combinatorial approach is the study of certain structures in sequence and number...
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2021-07-08 20:35:51

Essay on Grade 10 Learners Errors and Misconceptions Associated With Elementary Algebra

This article presents findings of a study on elementary algebra in South Africa, Eastern Cape Province. The study analyses the learners' performances in element...
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2021-07-19 06:13:50

Declining Rates of Participation and Attainment in Mathematics and Science in Australian Schools

Australia is experiencing a decline in the percentage of students studying advanced and intermediate Mathematics. Phillips (2014) explains that a study by Australia's chi...
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2021-07-19 16:57:24

Math Project: Making Rational Decision

Device: Top-Freezer Refrigerator. Link: Price: $989.99 (as of 2...
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2021-08-02 11:33:48

Essay on Theory of Knowledge: Approach on Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Mathematics and natural science are the most studied area of knowledge for several centuries now, both areas have played a significant role in the technological advanceme...
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2021-08-02 21:12:08