The Role of Police and Their Importance in a Civilized Society - Paper Example

Published: 2021-07-27
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The role of police and their significance in a civilized society are, monitoring criminal activities, community patrol, responding to emergency calls, issuing tickets for various misdemeanors and violations, making arrests, and investigating crimes. The police also testify in court to validate evidence presented and strengthen a public prosecutors case if needed. The police are a paramount aspect of a civilized society as they responsible for maintaining order by maintaining the rule of laws thus ensuring that people live safely in the society and are able to over freely and their lawful businesses. Despite the fact that there are various cases of police brutality, police, like everyone else are also accountable to the law and should follow the law to better serve and protect all citizens. We see a lot of bad policing going on regarding black and Latino communities, in which deaths of innocent black people has caught the attention of the public. According to Kleiman a professor of public policy at Marron Institute, part of New York University. When training police, they need to prepare them by not only showing them exercises about situations in which the get shot but by showing them a better way to learn and get to know their society (Tugend, 2016).

The purpose of the criminal court system in handling cases.

The purpose of the Criminal Justice System is to make sure everyone gets a fair trial. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Thus, the primary objective of the criminal justice system is to deliver justice for all through convictions and punishment of the guilty in accordance with detailed principles as well as protecting the innocent. The criminal court system achieves this role by delivering accountable, efficient, effective and fair justice process for the public. consequently, the criminal justice system prevents and deters crime through incapacitation and rehabilitation.

The roles of the defense and prosecutor

Both prosecutors and defense lawyers are attorneys that take part in the trial of criminal cases. However, unlike the defense lawyer who can take on both civil and criminal cases, the prosecutor only handles criminal cases.

Defense lawyers can be considered as law enforcers. They police the police by making sure they used the correct steps to making an arrest and to protect everyone's laws. They are not there to prove if you're guilty or innocent. The major role of the defense lawyer is not to prove the defendant is innocent, rather it is to represent the defendant throughout the trial even if the defendant has admitted guilt to the lawyer, information that the defense lawyer does not have to share.

Prosecutors, on the other hand, represent the people/court against a person charged with violating the criminal legislation of the United States or ones given by the State. They also offer evidence to prove the guilt of the people who break the law. The major role of the prosecutors is proving the defendant's guilt beyond any reasonable doubt. The prosecutor achieves this objective by presenting legally acquired evidence and b questioning witnesses so as to convince a jury of the defendant's guilt (The Margarian Law Firm, 2017).

The two responsibilities of the corrections department

The first responsibility is to enforce rules and keep order within jails or prisons by supervising all inmates activities. Making sure there is no fights or killings in their facilities. Second, is the aid in rehabilitation and counseling of offenders. They hope by the time the offender finishes their sentence that they could join society and become better citizens.


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