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Published: 2021-07-12
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Many youths are unemployed globally and live in poverty, thus making job hunting to be a global challenge and a significant policy concern. Moreover, the youths do not get a stable job after completing high school level whereby they undergo a transitional experience as they prepare for post high school education. However, some youths get a job opportunity that marks their entry into adulthood or the start of a complicated path that leads them to economic sufficiency. The uneducated youths are less likely to get jobs because of their low literacy level as compared to the graduates. The speech explains about youths and jobs.

To create job opportunities for the youths, organizations or the society should empower the poor through financial inclusions. For example, giving the youths suitable clothing and food will not benefit them instead, it will bring more harm to them since their miserable life will still be the same. Therefore, the provision of financial resources will help the youths lead an independent life. As we all know that poverty makes an individual to lack the essential opportunities that can satisfy their needs, so, the youths must fight any obstacle that can cause poverty. Also, the organizations should give the poor youths capitals that help in starting a business that later on can assist in solving financial problems. The business encourages hard work whereby the youth will not have the time to engage themselves in immoral behaviors such as theft and drug addiction.

Secondly, better skills expose the youths to various opportunities that result in more jobs. The definition of skills may sound vague to some of us, however, it is one of the major quality that employer considers from an employee. The skills consist of hard and foundational such as writing, reading and technological know-how. Additionally, an employer must also think critically and develop better communication skills that help him in interacting with his manager or workmates. The work skills benefit the youths beyond the workplaces and come out from a fixed situation independently. Employers look for skilled youths because the soft and work skills contribute to the success of the job. Being in the field of work is a process that promotes a real experience. Sadly, youths lack the skills in work experiences whereby the families assume to help them since they believe that the schools address such issues.

Thirdly, quality education provides a better platform for a job opportunity for the youths. Every youth has the right to go through all stages of education, and their teachers should give quality education. In job fields youths who lack quality education perfume poorly since they do not have the necessary knowledge that the work requires. Similarly, quality education promotes teamwork that is recommendable for many job opportunities. Teamwork leads to sharing of ideas among youths, corrections, and faster work as compared to working as an individual. On the other hand, quality education promotes girl child education whereby during employments of the youths, consideration of all genders is mandatory without any discrimination.

Fourth, the government should create several job opportunities for the youths. Among the top priorities that the government should consider is youth employment. For example, Creation of projects through the use of local resources available that later contributes to the development of modern infrastructure. The youths are good performers when it comes to road works and dedicated themselves in maintaining the environment by keeping it clean. The government industries should focus on recruiting the youths in job positions in all posts. The youths are energetic, work faster and without supervision as compared to the aged workers. Therefore, youth employment act as a source of income and a development capacity to the youths. Also, an internship is a necessity to the youths who are done with their higher education because the youth have the opportunity to gain experience and skills that prepare her for a better employer in future. Some internship firms also absorb the training students and employ them, hence I advise all the youths to go for an internship before looking for any job.

Lastly, a formation of works welfares is a necessity in youth and jobs. The welfares motivate the employed youths and give them the morale in delivering a quality outcome for a duration of time. Any employment firm must have employee welfare that provides harmony in the industry, insures all the workers against diseases, monitors the working conditions and proving insurance for life. Correspondingly, the welfares advocates for the rights of every employed youth whereby in a case of dismissal, the employee must get compensation from the firm. Furthermore, welfare makes an employee feel that the employer value them hence motivation within the workstation. Welfare also provides a good image for every company because it reflects on the achievements of the business and creates awareness about the potential customers.

Youth employment is a necessity in every nation, and the government should create job opportunities for the youths. The jobs will motivate the youths and enable them to work hard instead of joining immoral peer groups that corrupt their minds. Thank you.

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