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Published: 2021-08-18
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I would like to work for the Mercedes Benz as a luxury car assistant maintenance engineer.

Mercedes Benz Company is a multinational manufacturer of vehicles. The vehicles include heavy transport solutions such as Lorries and buses. The Axor series are some of the trucks that Mercedes manufacture and they run on diesel fuel. The company also manufactures luxury and sport utility vehicles. GLs series are some of the SUVs manufactures while the S-class series are some of the luxury vehicles (Sureka, 2016). The first Mercedes was available on the market in 1901. The first vehicle was an improvement of the existing products on the market then. Mercedes have a policy that guarantees a better product in the market. The logo as is currently known, a star with three points, was legally registered and patented in 1909. Since then different models have been manufactured targeting different markets and budget (Sureka, 2016). Over the years Mercedes has developed an employee-management culture that motivates the employees creates a conducive working environment. The management realized that having employees who were disgruntled, translated to poor customer service and experience. More than seventy-five percent of the employees had not driven a Mercedes Benz before. The result of the previous culture was employees with low morale and poor customer experience. The issue was resolved by allowing the employees to test drive the new models for several weeks. The company has a culture that blends hard work, efficiency, great customer experience and fun (Sureka, 2016).

I would work as a luxury vehicles maintenance engineer. My role will involve scheduling and coordinate future and current maintenance requirements. I will be responsible for developing a method that will ensure efficiency and time effective work plan. The work plan will ensure that vehicles that are queued for maintenance are given a definite and shortest time possible for completion. A report is then generated that gives a detailed information on all the procedures that were undertaken in the maintenance process. All the broken and the replaced parts are cataloged for record keeping and for future reference. The role will be responsible for managing the inventory and recommending better parts in relation to the vehicle performance. I will also be required to observe all the safety measures put in place and have a team playing and communication skills to be able to work with other engineers and departments.

The workplace demands professionalism which I observed and practice. I will always offer the best of my skills and ability in my duties and role. In my area of work, I will learn as much as I can the modern methods in line with the mission and vision of the company. The work will be of the highest quality. The companies require employees to work under minimum supervision and at the same time, perform according to their job description. I will uphold the trust and make sure that I have delivered on every task that has been assigned to me faithfully. I will take responsibility for every action that I take while executing my responsibilities. In running my duties, I will be honest with my superiors and my colleagues and every colleague will be treated with respect and dignity (Haasen and Shea, 2003).

I have worked as an assistant engineer for two years in a motorbike manufacturing industry. The company had the competitive edge on the market and was multinational. My responsibility was helping the lead engineers assemble the different parts and in the manufacture of the engine components. The company had work culture whereby the engineers run a separate department from the rest of the company. The engineers did not interact with the customers, the finance, inventory or the sales department. The reason for choosing Mercedes Benz as my company of choice is the working model where an employee has more than one role. The dynamic approach offers new challenges and opportunities to grow as an individual and career-wise.

Mercedes Benz is using the latest technology in building driverless vehicles. The company together with Robert Bosch are teaming up in order to come up with a taxi that is self-driving. The company has adopted new methods of reaching out to the current market. The new cars will be managed and controlled via the smart mobile devices. Mercedes Benz enthusiasts do not have to save up in order to buy expensive luxury vehicles. The company is bridging the gap by proving a car hiring option. The driverless models are safer due to the installation of advanced security features such as smart sensors (U.S., 2017).

The Mercedes Benz has a wide market base. The market targets luxury vehicle users, family vehicle users, office vehicle users, buses, sports users and heavy commercial users. All these users have a specific need that needs to be met by the company (Haasen and Shea, 2003). Luxury users demand a vehicle that has a bigger engine capacity, has customized interiors with leather seats and wooden features. Space is also a factor for luxury vehicles. Every seat should have an adjustable leg room and space between adjacent seats should be wider. The common office or home users demand a safe, durable, reliable but fuel-efficient car. Heavy commercial users demand a vehicle that can withstand rough terrain and strong enough to perform heavy industry functions such as transport heavy and wide load (Haasen and Shea, 2003).

The company has managed over the years to keep a great reputation with the customers. The main objective is to maintain a great customer-company relationship. The management has gone to great lengths in ensuring that the customers are happy and satisfied. My main duty will be upholding the culture principles that allows the employees to offer the best services to the customers.

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