Why White-Collar Crime Is a Growth Industry - Paper Example

Published: 2021-08-17
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It has been argued that the government encourages white-collar chicanery through abdication of their responsibilities. Lack of investigations by criminologists is a factor towards the little attention given to crimes. There should exist no disparities between white-collar crimes and the crimes of the street. It is noted that crime committed by multinational corporations has been incriminated to the extent of leaving it a business crime. The white-collar crimes are believed to be contributed by contradictions in global capitalism. However, the certain remedies to the acts can include: replacing a privately controlled capitalism and a capital state with environmentally and democratically friendly public capitalism independent of growth and consumption. The media plays an important role in exposing most of the unethical acts, but lack of public awareness causes the criminologists to ignore the matter. I have noted that education of the entire public about the matter is being neglected whereas it can provide a good foundation for public awareness. Current crises are a factor to many critic arguments of certain policies. With the current situation, it is also believed that regulatory control bodies and reforming of federal prosecutors can be difficult to execute.

The Double-Edged Sword of the Insanity Defense

It has been noted that offenders influenced by neurological damage are difficult to prosecute. Neuroscientific evidence is limited in value when proving for the guilt of an offender but useful while preventing rehabilitation and re-offending through a system of legal reform. Although people always think of the data presented as accurate, neuroscientific evidence as immaterial while charging for a crime. Through certain evidence such as the evidence of abnormality, common neurological impairment for criminals, psycho-neurological testing results and mitigating impairments for criminals, criminal liability has been defined. However, various states and cities, such evidence is not allowed in criminal courts, and neither are they allowed for capital sentencing. The only viable defense is stated as a claim based on mental or emotional disturbance, although realized by just a few states. I have noted that death for prosecutors is not a solution to offending but intervention of neuroscience specialists can enhance more valid judgments.

Disengaging From Gang Life: What Works?

Victimization and offending increases due to criminal involvement caused by gang membership. Majority of gang members are always youths and have not been investigated on due to lack of ways of terminating their memberships. Some of the contributors to insufficient knowledge include the scarcity of sound programs for evaluations and the difficulty in making sound evaluations. With the implementation of various programs aimed at reducing crime and increasing prosocial involvement such as getting a new job, however, gang-leaving can be effected. The programs could be based on the timing of push and pull factors such as disillusionment with the gang and prosocial activities respectively. Gang-leaving was dependent on the age where young gangsters find it difficult as they are friends of other members of the group whereas the old in the industry could exit almost immediately. However, with recommendations such as therapeutic programming, street outreach and building family support systems, the said programs to enhance gang-leaving can be made effective. I have learned that gang-leaving is dependent on age along with effective programs are an important consideration when providing support for gang-leaving. Everything should also be carried out at their specific times where their specific vulnerability times such as death to issue interventions are just as important as the intervention itself.

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