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Published: 2021-08-02
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Art comprises of different human practices in developing auditory, visual or performing artworks expressing the artists imaginative or technical abilities aimed to be acknowledged for their elegance and emotional influence (DiBartolomeo, Clark & Davis, 2015).

The visual arts are the earliest types of art to be documented which comprises the development of images or matter in areas like visual media, printmaking, sculpture, painting and photography. Art may be classified according to its reality or representation, expression, interaction of emotions, narrative or other attributes (DiBartolomeo, Clark & Davis, 2015). During the romantic era, art was perceived to be a unique aspect of the human mind in relation to science and religion.

The constituents and rules of art and design are the backbone of the language used to describe art. The components of art are the visual implements that the craftsman employs to develop a piece. They include: space, shape, texture, color, form and value. The principles of art demonstrate how the artist utilizes the constituents of art to develop an outcome and assist to communicate the artists purpose. They include: focus, motion, symmetry, alliance or variety and similarity (DiBartolomeo, Clark & Davis, 2015).

What I learned from art criticism theory

Art criticism theory aids in the examination and discussion about the discernible work of art. It constitutes criticizing the elegance and the particulars of the anesthetics employed. Despite the fact that art is a permanent constituent part in human life, an array of movements have resulted to different art criticism and each utilizes a given blueprint to deduce their perception. The three art criticism include: expressive, contextual and formal.

The formal criticism theory postulate that individuals should frequently concentrate on the formal goals of any masterpiece rather than its details. The formal attributes comprises of the shape and the color. The art is best classified and comprehended through the theory because the intention is on the elaborate definitions of various formal facets in the constituents of art including shape, art and line. The formal art criticism theory is manifested in the illustration of La Mitrailleuse as it assists in determining the formal attributes of the creation.

Contextual art criticism emphasizes on the cultural framework behind any piece. The present artifacts elaborates more on the definition of different elements in the creation especially racial, economic and political categories of the masterpiece. For instance, in the illustration of the reappearance to the depression, the social element of the paint especially the depiction of the group of soldiers is lucid and someone can determine the theme easily by defining the art from their viewpoint. The contextual criticism theory of art in this creation is exhibited when fabrics such as impasto employed bring out unique shapes in art especially the soldiers.

Expressive art criticism theories feature the embodiment and externalization of the intellectual and emotional conditions of the craftsman. The theory assists in determining the mental and emotional condition of the virtuoso at the time of developing the art which makes it simpler to identify with what the developer intended to communicate. For instance, the oppy wood evening, it is easy to discern the various emotions in the piece. The artist demonstrates a depressing mood due to the annihilation during altercation while also foretelling hope through the blue sky.

Describe about what you learned about arts role in society

Art is an integral part of any community. Art enables individuals to sustain their heritage while innovating creations that are very pleasing. Moreover, it provides the populace with the means to sell itself to the universe. It also promotes serenity and a sense of belonging particularly that which shows locations that attracts an individual. The theories relating to art make an important source of knowledge for the creation and evaluation works of art. A person can select a point of interest that they desire to direct the spectators focus through the theories.

Personally, I am inclined towards art that were developed in the World War One given that I am a military spouse and the creations provide a descry of my husbands experiences in the military. The artwork developed in this duration display emotions and original specifics that are interesting. It is at this era that a plethora of art styles emerged. The creation of these pieces were primarily fostered by the innovation of photography towards the end of the 19th Century. The invention enabled individuals to modify how they perceived paintings. It changed the artistic evolution from realism to conceptualism.

Art can be deployed to define anything in the contemporary era. It is a social element that befits in any given community or tradition. Furthermore, it can be utilized in story telling of the ancient and current times by the formulation of pictures. Thus, it qualifies to be an essential component of the present populace which requires recognition and sustainability. The pieces of art from the 20th Century are a model of how crucial art is to mankind and the reasons of preservation.


DiBartolomeo, D. J., Clark, Z., & Davis, K. (2015). A New Method for Analyzing Data From Visual Artwork. Visitor Studies, 18(1), 103-120.

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