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Published: 2021-08-18
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Getting a job after completing college is one of the most challenging things the most thing that various youth face. I have attended so many interviews, but none has never been successful. The only job I was having was looking for a job; however, I never gave up since I needed a job to sustain myself. It was on a Friday, and during that particular day, I was to attend an interview in one of the manufacturing company in the city. When I arrived at the boardroom where the interview was taking place, I found almost 200 people waiting to be interviewed for only five advertised position. It was this particular time that I approached one of the ladies who appeared so isolated from the rest of the group, and from her face, you could tell that she was a depressed person. We started to have a chat as we waited for our turn to be interviewed.

I started having a conversation with this lady regarding her background, where she schooled, how has hard has it been trying to look for a job. The conversation was long, and it reached lunchtime when our turn to face the interview panel had not reached. We decided to go for lunch together in the nearby cafeteria. When someone looked at us at that time, he/she could have thought we had a certain background. Within that short period, we had started discussing or personal life to exchange ideas and how life is tough, especially if you do not have a job.

The problem that we both had is what brought us together. In fact, the lady appeared to have completed the college earlier than me, it was her seventh year without a job, yet this was my second year in job searching. It was so unfortunate that the interview panel could not interview all of us and instructed us to come the following day. We departed, both of sure that we will meet the following day, and make sure that we keep in touch, we exchanged phone conducts and chatted on the whole of that evening. When we met the following day, everything appeared normal, and our friendship was even stronger. The conversation was even deep this time around. The good news was that both of us were among five people that were selected to occupy those positions. Our relationship even grew stronger and stronger since we could meet every day.

I can say that this was a motivating meeting ever. Searching a job for two years yet a felt as if am a looser, but listening to Grace, which was her name, I realized that actually, I had not tarmacked yet. While approaching Grace, I thought maybe the conversation could not have reached that extent; I knew we would converse, but not to that extent that she started giving me some life tips, such as not giving up, among others. I felt a different person that day, in fact, if I could not have gotten that job, it could have still been okay, since previously, I had said to myself that I would never apply for another job. I think we should keep on making friends with everyone because someone might have something you have been lacking.

Conclusively, making friendship is essential in our life as it exposes us to people that we never imagined meeting in our life. Grace remains an influential person in my life up to now. The workplace might be frustrating sometimes, but when I listen to most of her advice, I always feel rejuvenated. You can imagine if I never approached Grace, I doubt if I could have passed that interview. Having attended more than 100 interviews, she gave me interview tips that I later realized that if I had known her before, I could have landed a job earlier.

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