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Published: 2021-08-10
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Having practiced for more than months and played a number of matches and won, our team new that we had no chance of losing and this built our morale more. We practiced day in day out with no breaks or excuses from the training program with our dedicated couch on our neck pushing us to deliver our best. We had held several friendly matches and managed to win most of these matches. The entire school community new that this year was the year for the football team to shine, it had been a number of years with our team losing but the season had started so good and we had managed to raise the hopes of every student, teacher and parent. They had made it a habit to show up and support us and them even gave the team more kick in the game. Having played over 15 matches I had managed to become one of the best stickers the team had managed to have in a while and most of the team members had their hopes in me which was a feeling they shared with most of the schoolmates. I knew the pressure that was on me and also knew what was expected of me. This seemed to scare me less since I had practiced continuously every morning and evening and I believed in my team members.

The day was closing in and the tension had grown between the two teams since both teams had clean unbeaten records although the other team had a few well trained players as compared to our team but this scared us less since we had the best coach of them all. Our couch added the number of training days and we even meet up over the weekends to train more as well as play a few friendly matches. Losing was not an option on our table and every team member had in it a clear role to handle.

Finally, the day was here and the field was packed with supporters of both teams, I could see my parents who sat next to my mathematics teacher and they kept pointing at me. The school mates on the far corner of the fields had a huge banner with our school name written on it and on the other side of the field was our rival supports. The stage was set and everyone was screaming at the top of their voices, do this do that pass the ball to so and so. Being a player I had gotten used to this and I never let this distract me. A few minutes in the game we managed to score the first goal and it was clear we had the greater ball position as compared to our opponents as time went on we managed to score a second goal and we knew things were bright on our end. The referee blew the whistle and it was half time. Everyone was happy especially me since I had managed to score one of the two goals.

In no time we were back in the field again and still we managed to dominate the game but when the last minutes kicked in I believe our team became over confident and let down their guides the other team managed to recover one goal. This completely confused use but we know all we had to do is to defend our side from any other mistakes. Time was over but the referee gave three minutes of extra time immediately the other team scored another goal and equalized. This completely broke down our team, our supporters were confused what was happening and before we could recover the other team scored their third goal which became their winning goal and a few seconds after the third goal the whistle went off and the game was over. We had lost, it was a 3-2 with us having 2 goals. I fell on the ground and my eyes could not see anything, I remember seeing a blank sky and the face of my teammates around me trying to get me off the ground the next thing I remembered was my moms voice telling me to relax and that we had done our best and not to worry since there was a next time. When I got back to my senses I tried embracing these thoughts but they were the hardest things to accept. It was my worst nightmare and to make matters worse this was a nightmare I was not to wake up from since it was happening in real life. It was the most devastating moment I had gone through but there was to be a next time

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