Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations - Paper Example

Published: 2021-08-11
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According to chapter 8, it is interesting to know that for a good strategic plan to be developed, there is a need a to take into account existing barriers as well as resources such as money, people, power, and material (Bryson, 2011). It is also interesting to learn that developing a strategic plan is less specific compared to an action plan. Additionally, according to chapter 9, it is interesting to know that for an organization to achieve a proper strategic plan, implementation of various programs, budgets, projects and action plans is necessary. It I interesting because according to chapter 9, implementing the above mentioned subject will result bring life to the strategic plan thereby creating more tangible values necessary for the organization and its stakeholders.

From chapter 8, I have learned that mission and vision are done to outline the organizational purpose. The vision goes ahead to explain how the organization should undertake its operation as well as look like when it is working well in relation to the environment around it and key stakeholders. Moreover, I have learned that vision is used to inform major as well as minor decision and action of an organization. In chapter 9 of the book, I have learned that the process that offers guidelines to enhance successful implementation of strategic plan primarily depend on the use of different structure capable of managing and coordinating implementation activities (Berman, 2015).

Misconception on the Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations topic greatly affected learning. The misconception that strategic plan and planning is the same thing that I developed earlier affected my learning positively because it forced me to do a lot of research about it and concentrate during the class session so that I could be able to differentiate the two concepts. Due to the desire to understand the strategic plan, I had to develop a positive attitude and pay more attention during the class work. Therefore, I was able to grasp the entire concept concerning strategic plan thereby enabling me to differentiate between strategic plan and planning and do away with the misconception

To learn about different strategic plans gives me new ways of viewing the world. First, I can say that a universe is a unique place with a lot of resources that are adequate for every person. However, due to poor strategic plan, there has been a perception that the resources within the universe are inadequate (Balfanz, et al., 2012). If people can develop an effective strategic idea on how to manage the resources with the universe, then the world can be the best place to leave and work on. Finally, I can say that everything in the universe is made of myths and misconception that affects the way people plan and undertake their duties so that they can achieve their vision and mission.

What I will learn will change my future behaviors, because I will be able to understand the concept of strategic plan thereby doing away with the misconception surrounding the entire idea. The knowledge gained from learning strategic plan will helps me to do away with the negative attitudes concerning the importance of vision and mission in achieving the organization goal.


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