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Published: 2021-07-14
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Leadership in criminal justice is an important aspect and requires balancing of one's different and fundamental values during competitive as well as volatile situations. The capability of a justice leader to excel in the justice field requires one to adapt all the challenges to deal with all criminal cases. For instance, Kamala Harris was an Attorney General in San Francisco who focused on fighting gang crimes as well as prison system reform.

Following the recent research, during Kamala Harris times, San Francisco sent the lowest number of people in jail throughout California. Kamala was a national pioneer in securing contracts amongst California and different nations to organize on indictments and law implementation investigations. She drove state lawyers to Mexico to expand coordination with international governments battling cartels and also intercontinental criminal associations.

Role of self-selected criminal justice leaders

Criminal justice leadership is bound for endorsing people who break law with criminal penalties. They too react to the needs of the society. The criminal justice leadership creates procedures that apply to their authoritative culture and also on the organization's relations.

The role of criminal justice leaders can be determined in connection with giving clear headings and recognizable pieces of proof of necessities as per circumstances. However, responsible authority improves working relationship amongst pioneers and their supporters.

The United States has an ethical commitment to battle and end human trafficking; however, the criminal justice leaders help to battle against sexual misuse and also human trafficking systems, which deceive and subjugate weak and powerless young women and men.

Lesson learned from self-selected criminal justice leaders

Through Attorney Kamala Harris, we can learn that criminal justice change, as well as a good crime prevention, can help cure disparity, increase fairness and diminish recidivism while at the same time minimizing crime rate.

We can prevent making wrong decisions between justice and safety and, truth be told; she trusts that guaranteeing decency and ensuring people's rights in the criminal justice framework enhance trust between law administrators and the people they serve as well as facilitating public security.

Non-violent offenders ought not to need to live with the lifetime magnitudes of a persuasion that keep them from getting to be noticeably contributing individuals to their society. Nonetheless, these consequences regularly wind up being a delay to our economy by minimizing wages.

Leadership problem in criminal justice

Criminal justice leaders are required to communicate locally, think strategically and also ethically act so as to develop a crime free nation. Nonetheless, they are faced with several challenges:

Violence against women

Following the research in National Institute of Justice, approximately 1.3 million females are assailed by close partners annually.

To promote safety among women, the criminal justice leaders facilitate collaboration among a broad assortment of disciplines in leading viciousness against ladies and family savagery research and assessment.

Crime cycle and drug use

Approximately 80% of men arrested test positive for drugs which raises the alarm to a nasty criminal cycle in the streets. The crime cycle is a great challenge to the criminal justice because leaders have to figure what implications the criminals have and how to decriminalize this act.

To prevent crime cycle, leaders use mapping. Mapping advances utilize continuous data to survey crime scenes and what sorts of violations they are. They can distinguish problem areas and movement patterns of the criminals, which gives them a chance to center examinations and enhance crime prevention



Criminal justice leaders help prevent violence in the society and also respond to crime. However, one has to be a pioneer on government shrewd on crime endeavors that promote evidence-based strategies for furnishing detainees with the instruments they have to revamp their lives after being released from prison.



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