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Published: 2021-06-30
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School life, especially at the college, is sometimes challenging. When I joined the faculty in India both my father and mother were both working and everything was moving on well and in the right direction just as any other family in the middle-class level could live. My mother was working as a secretary in an agricultural based firm in India while my dad was engaged in agricultural activities around the nation. However, due to demonetization that took place in India, my mom lost her job as the secretary and my father the same due to the effect due to demonetization where the prices of the agricultural products were going down and therefore reducing the earnings of my dad. The situations changed and shifted to another level, and I could afford to a cutter for my daily requirements not even mentioning the school fees.

I saw my dreams of becoming a designer fading away and moving from my hands. I had several thoughts concerning how I could pay my school fees (Wild & Halsey). I struggled with the passion for becoming what I had purposed in life. However, my parents savings from the work they were doing before assisted me to remain for some time in school. These helped me for some time even though the same situation of lack did not end and it came again. I went through a series of thoughts, and later on, I heard about the private loans that were being given to international students to assist them in paying their school fees. Therefore, I went to the need and requested for financial aid to support me. Perhaps, the government of U.S has been doing great by giving assistance to the needy students and helps them to realize their dreams such as in my case to become the best designer in the universe. Since my family could not afford my monthly spending, the loan I got from the government which helped us a great deal.

The private loan pushed me, and perhaps I would like to pay them just as the agreement was without failure. Due to these, I had to set aside some plans to enable me to work and pay the money without failing. First, after completing my school, I have to plan to go and work in the United States of America since working in India will not allow me to pay the private loan I have. Due to the small payment schemes systems of about $15,000 which is contrary to what is happening in the U.S where there is a good pay. Therefore, to get to the United of America, I need a visa which also requires some good amount of money to allow me to close the gap of paying the debt and also give the rest for my family. Failing to go to the U.S will make me work in Israel which will not allow me to meet my expectations.

Due to these, I want to ask for help from any person who can give me a hand. I need to get the visa to travel to the United States of America to get the best job with the greatest pay that will allow me to pay the private loan and also save the rest. I will appreciate any help from any financial institutions (Rosa, 2006).


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