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Published: 2021-07-20
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It is my joy to write this recommendation in support of the application of (name of the candidate) for medical school at (name of university). I worked closely with the applicant at the Duke Regional Hospital where he worked as an emergency ambassador. Based on my experience, he is a naturally talented and hard working person. As evident in his CV, he has excelled in his career with many outstanding accomplishments. He has excellent knowledge in patient care, leadership, and clinical skills which are significant for a smooth transition to medical school. In my observation, he has done exceptionally well in both inpatient and outpatient setting as well as excellent qualities for advanced work. He is delightful to work with, and hence is well prepared to join medical school.

In addition to exemplary performance and considerable intellect on examinations and clinical practice, the applicant has consistently demonstrated curiosity and motivation in learning and teaches others by example. He always comes to work prepared for all the types of learning situations having done prior research on how to provide quality care to patients and actively participate in clinical supervision. He is always willing to go an extra mile to take his work to the highest formal level. The applicant is articulate, considers the needs of others, and has demonstrated a high ability of effective knowledge utilization in clinical settings. He has on many occasions arrived at the clinic with handouts of the clinical topics that are suitable and tailored for the efficient learning of the entire medical team.

Furthermore, the applicant has been described as an all-round student in his service to the patients by physicians and resident doctors. He has been a dedicated servant in both clinical and non-clinical pursuits where he has demonstrated critical skills that are fundamental in medical school such as creative thinking, excellent team player, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment and flexibility in his work schedule. His clinical experience has led him to spend time with kids and engaged them in scientific activities, shadowed different doctors, and aided them in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. He also volunteered in a dental clinic where he prepared and sterilized dental equipment and instruments as well as assisting dentists and dental assistants in different dental procedures. His non-clinical work experience in Habitat for Humanity and Childhood Obesity Prevention Education has molded him well for medical school. He understands the importance of being an all-inclusive student in his clinical and non-clinical endeavors.

Additionally, at a personal level, the applicant is an industrious and a well-disciplined student with a pleasant personality. He went beyond my expectations in the hospital by putting a lot of effort in attending patients, assisting the doctor in restoration procedures, maintaining the confidentiality of the patients, and remained focused while attending the assigned tasks. He also demonstrated great dedication, perseverance, and not only showed interest in alternative medicine, but also exhibited a desire for diverse approaches in the provision of healthcare. Through this, he embraced the precision of western science while understanding the characteristics common to alternative therapies.

Finally, in addition to intelligence and perseverance, I am certain that the applicant is ready to tackle the challenging and rigorous medical school curriculum. He is mature, takes responsibility for his actions, ambitious, and will make tremendous contributions to the field of medicine, and develop solidly as a clinician. For these reasons, I recommend him for acceptance to medical school.



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