Pursuing a Degree in Mechanical Engineering From Leipzig University in Germany

Published: 2021-08-15
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Sewanee University of the South
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To actualize my dreams, I, therefore, plan on pursuing a degree in mechanical engineering from Leipzig University in Germany. Back in high school, I headed the young engineers club a club that composed of students with interests in engineering courses. Later on, after clearing high school, I joined bladehoc motors as their social media ambassador. I am overwhelmed about my future, and I believe that the opportunity the scholarship will provide will be a life-transforming opportunity.

Once I get to the Leipzig in Germany, I will first visit the BMW plant. This will, of course, be the most golden moment of my life. That way I will at least get to know more series of vehicles that BMW makes that are not in my home country. From this interest that I have created in German cars during my school, and post-school life made a collection of my art drawing of different car designs. So I believe that during my visit to Leipzig I can talk to the design manager about my skills that I believe if enhanced through skillful training and more practice I can emerge an excellent designer.

Away from enhancing my skills I also have interests in extending the more models that are unavailable in my country of origin there. So I believe this will be the best opportunity to market my country a potential customer to BMW. I believe that the goal of every company is maximizing welfare and as for BMW setting up a subsidiary in another region would be an excellent idea.

This opportunity will also be golden to me since I have not been flown on a plane before or even used an electric train. I will be excited to crisscross different cities in Germany using their electric train. My family has seen my interest in cars and the small projects that I have successfully undertaken as bladehoc motors brand ambassador. Unfortunately, they are not in a position to raise enough money for me to study in Germany.

I believe that your opportunity stands for young brilliant but needy minds. Like this organization that believes in tapping the underlying potential in people, I would also like to be an asset to BMW for as long as I live. I believe in myself, my parents and friends also believe in me. I hope that your organization can make this happen for me through awarding me your scholarship.


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