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Published: 2021-08-18
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Depression is also another very common topic in psychology. Depression is psychological disorder for which an individual experiences a constant feeling of sadness, disinterest and miserable. Depression is more like a way of life in a society where people encounter different circumstances that they are beyond their control. According to Van Voorhees (2005), depression may result from the death of a loved one, one contracting a dangerous disease, example, cancer or involvement in a grisly road accident.  Unlike stress that lasts shorter periods, depression may last for several months hence causing deterioration of ones physical and mental health. Some of the symptoms of depression include; weight loss, feelings of sadness, feelings of loneliness, loss of appetite, having trouble with concentration and sometimes even suicidal thoughts.

Last year June my boyfriend and I were involved in a horrific road accident as we were driving to his companys end of financial year dinner. I sustained major leg and back injuries but my boyfriend Frein had severe head damages, and he was not able to survive the accident. That was the most depressing time of my life. I was not able to comprehend how things turned out so evil that on one of our happiest day I lost the person I had loved for the longest period of my life. The months that followed were months of grief, loneliness, emptiness that I even at some point contemplated suicide. It was ugly but when my parents hired a therapist who could take me through a six months therapy to help me overcome that challenging situation in my life.

Divorce cases are on the rise especially in todays society where couples no longer value the sacredness of marriage. Many young couples are only left with the option to file for a divorce when infidelity persists in their marriages to the extent that they are now willing to terminate the happiness of their kids to salvage themselves from disrespectful marriages.

Other reasons associated with divorce are financial constraints and irresponsible partners. In most instances when a woman has more cash flows than the man there will exist deadlocks in communication, and a man starts to develop feelings of inferiority which may make the marriage unsuccessful.

Divorces are ugly because they affect both the couple and the children. Children who are used to living in a complete marriage set up may have challenges coping with their parents split up. They may also face financial constraints as many divorced parents have challenges with child support a problem common among men as they end up being deadbeat fathers. From my own experience, life has never been the same again the moment my parents separated as back as in my lower elementary school. From there henceforth I lost a father figure in my life and my mother was left to provide for my financial support with the help of my grandmother. I experienced several hitches especially after scoring excellent grades after high school, but I was not able to join my dream university as my mother was financially incapable of paying my school fees and other expenses.


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