Promotion and Digital Media: SONY, Pizza Hut, Red Bull

Published: 2021-07-27
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Explain how these organizations make use of digital media to represent their brand to specific segments of the market. Describe the symbols each of these organizations employs.

SONY represents different products such as Televisions, laptop using commercials in the form of digital media. They utilize umbrella marketing where products are advertised in one advert. The target segment majorly focuses on the elite with significantly high incomes are the prices of these products are always higher compared to other products. At the same time, they provide free delivery services, product installation and online purchase from its official website (Rohit, 2015). Service marketing is done during product purchase.

Pizza Hut is an international chain of restaurant that provides both product and services. The products are in the form of pizza and pasta while service is the pizza hut delivery where the company promises delivery services within 30 minutes. To maintain their competitive advantage, the company used online marketing and advertisement strategies. They have created an android and IOS application where consumers can place their orders from their homes, posts adverts on TVs displaying a variety of products and services. The target population is young generation and kids as most of the time kids play online games. In essence, pizza hut has utilized efficiently online game advertisement where the ad is included with the player action (Story & French, 2004).

Red Bull is an energy drink company that use social and digital media platforms to market the product. The target segment for the product includes athletes, students, sports personalities and adventure lovers (Park et al., 2013). To track the consumers, the company has used digital media through the launch of TV commercial which gives humour to their audience. At the same time, viral marketing has been used which include posting of videos and gaming advertisement to promote the product.


SONY: Applies different logos for different products. SONY Vaio, for instance, differentiates the computer and laptops from other SONY products. In Vaio, the VA represents an analog wave, and IO represents the digital wave. The logo symbolizes elegance, excellence and iconic history SONY has made.

PIZZA HUT: The symbol has a hut which symbolizes vast space to sit, a modern interior design, pick up window and a free Wi-Fi facility under one roof. The red color symbolizes freshness and hot since the deliveries are made after 30 minutes. Yellow depicts rich taste and joy.

RED BULL: the logo has two bulls charging each other for a yellow spot. This symbolizes the energy provided by the product, the form of speed, risk-taking, and aggressive power. The silver color used depicts intelligence while the yellow spot depicts emotions.

Provide an explanation of the intended messages the symbols convey to potential buyers. Use specific, direct evidence and examples to support the assessment.

SONY uses its name in the logo to depicting the sound. The word "SONY" is written in black color conveying the message of iconic and intellect property of the product.

The roof or hut in the Pizza Hut logo conveys to the prospective consumers the different facilities provided under a single roof. Red depicts the fresh ingredients used in Pizza and the yellow shows that same taste is maintained at Pizza Hut. The message of local flavor and a look of an international causal diner are displayed.

Red bull symbols depict its tagline: it gives you wings. In the symbol, two angles get wings after drinking Red Bull and fly away, meaning the customer has the potential of getting energized. The logo also depicts energy, speed, and aggressiveness.

Explain how the symbols being used in the digital media attract or align with the targeted segments. Your analysis may find that the symbols do not align with the targeted segment; if so, be sure to explain why.

Symbols used are not intended to attract a specific target market. The symbols aim at teaching the consumers about the companys products and services (Perreault, Cannon & McCarthy, 2014). Sony symbolizes sound and is not linked to the target market. Even though the color used is attractive and iconic, it targets only those that can afford SONY products.

Pizza hut targets young generation but from the logo, it is difficult to tell which segment of the market is targeted (Story & French, 2004). It just indicated delivery of hot pizza.

In the case of Red Bull, the symbol aligns to the targeted consumers. It targets the athletes and risk takers who require a lot of energy. In this case, the target population is young generation.


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