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Published: 2021-08-10
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The report based on the project carried out on the comic relief a major charity based in the USA provides information about the charity organization. The report tries to explain the operation and activities carried out by the comic relief charity organization. The report which is drafted from the project proves some strength and weaknesses. The first advantage of the description of the project is that it is short and easy to understand.

This report has been summarized in such a way that it is easy to understand quickly. The report has been drafted in such a way that the findings of the project have been outlined in simple sentences and words. The simplicity expressed in the formulation of this report makes it easy to understand providing the first strength as it the report can be readily understood by everyone. Another additional power recorded by this report is that it takes into account the essential concept of the comic relief charity organization. Among the fundamental concepts which are included in this report include the marketing strategies, an analysis of the six E's of creativity and the practical implications recorded from the organization activities.

The marketing strategies included in this report include the use of high profile and celebrity influencers and branding. The marketing strategy discussed in this report is essential as it is the main reason why the comic relief charity organization is in existence. This marketing strategy has been used been put into practice to allow the organization to reach out to the public easily. The other crucial details included in the report involves the description of the six E's of creativity. The six E's of creativity have been employed in this particular organization provide the organization's culture and are thus very critical in describing the organization.

The report has also recorded some weaknesses which I believe arise from the simplicity of the report. The report has been drafted shallowly to the extent that it does not provide information on some critical factors in the charity organization. Among the vital information which is not included in the report include the grant policies applied by the organization, the approach and methodology employed by the organization and money matters (Crystal et al., 2015). Among the grant policies which are used by the charity organization when applying for a grant include eligibility. The rule of ability is applied to reduce the number of individuals and institutions asking for donations. Qualifying has been used to reduce the number of individuals receiving grants.

The other issue that is not included in the short report is the financial matters f the comic relief charity organization. The money matters are significant and should be involved in any project revolving around an organization. Money matters should be added to reflect the financial position and performance of any institute. Finances play an essential role, and thus they should not have been omitted from the study. The financial information that could have been included in the report include how critical issues like inflation should be handled and exchange and interest rate gain and losses. Apart from the report recording weaknesses regarding content, it has also filed a flaw in the structural design. The study report is not organized in an acceptable study format as it lacks critical concepts such as conclusions and recommendations.


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