Personal Statement: Environmental Science

Published: 2021-08-07 02:32:58
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Personal statement
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The recent worldwide environmental concerns demonstrated in the media have profoundly captivated my interest in studying an environmental course at the university. As such, I believe that the significance of the ecosystem is vital to the survival and existence of the earth. This mainly motivates me to pursue a degree in environmental science with the hope of making a difference for the environment in the future. The importance of the environment continually amazes me as it is a vastly dominant force that affects humanity in all aspects, whether politically or economically. My interest in the natural environment was established while I was in high school. I was particularly motivated and fascinated by environmental processes and sustainability.

For my creative and design coursework, I was remodeling manufactured products to be greener. I mostly prevailed in organic modules in which I learned the use of fossils and pollutants. In that capacity, I believe that pursuing this course will satisfy my curiosity about the world around us. As such, it will lead me to a profession that aims to find innovative ways to use the worlds resources in a viable way. This is the primary reason why I want to pursue environmental science. I want to understand the challenges we face as human beings so that I can do something to promote a more sustainable future. I want to be enlightened more about the about the value of conservation and the significance of feedback mechanism.

I am currently working on a project on the impact of fuel on the environment. One of my primary objectives of this project is to create an eco-friendly plan for using fuels in the international sector for a sustainable future. I have had the opportunity to interact with experts in an environmental conference, and that has helped me to improve my communication and presentation skills. Furthermore, I have also volunteered to clean up litter, and enhance habitats in foreshores for an environmental charity which I enjoyed and was a total success. I am confident that this opportunity will be a great chance to figure out innovative ways for helping large towns to reduce air pollution for health as well as environmental benefits.

Additionally, I am interested in atmospheric sciences with significant emphasis on meteorological aspects. Doing Geography in my A-levels has been tremendously worthwhile and enjoyable so far. I am particularly amazed by its diversity, and while I enjoy the human part of it, I will always appreciate the physical aspect more. The idea of field trips excites me on end since I love learning about other regions. For instance, spending a week in Wales for my adventure was fun and relaxing at the same time. It is interesting to see how a border can result in such radical changes in customs and the overall quality of life.

Overall, I am a self-driven individual which I believe to be the driving force for my academic success. I am a remarkable team member and always on a good time with deadlines for tasks. It is evident that this course will affect my prospect significantly of working to transform our environment for the better. Also, I trust that this program will enable me to fulfill my ambition of potentially discovering a significant renewable energy for universal use for a sustainable environment.

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