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Published: 2021-08-02
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Communication strategy encompasses a holistic plan of how an organization wishes to express the goals and methods of its outreach activities. With the aim of enhancing the greater effectiveness of the organization's goals and objectives, the agency may work towards its intended purpose. Communication strategy improves strengthening the brand identity of trust. Communication strategy is, therefore, a methodological plan the focuses on manners in which organization uses its ability to promote its image by reviewing International dealings with other concerned stakeholders (Hallahan, K & Holtzhausen, 2007). According to (Vuori, 2012) communication strategy is known to enhance dialogue between different target groups, therefore, enabling communication-related to organization brands. Accordingly, the communication strategy is geared towards reaching the workers by conducting assessments internally with the aim of having them participate in proper communication strategy.

Analysis of the communication strategy.

Strategy change in communication increases leadership and performance among various departmental heads regarded as agents of change towards the realization of organizational productivity. The implementation of the strategic shift helps in facilitating communication by the corporate leaders between the value chain, levels of sales, services and continuous improvement models. The effective strategy of change streamlines organizational activities. Moreover, the interaction between crucial various working areas betters streamlined communication processes that enhance relational efficiency in internal and external business environment. The strategy change envisages long-term flow of information thereby facilitating internal communication on the organization.

Development within sectoral areas is an idea addressed by the organizational strategy change in external processes. The execution of communication efforts enhances cooperation with other departments in achieving the potential goals of the organization the success of the strategy change is to focus communication on the organization's brand, service delivery, and to continuously improve models of communication while enhancing sales of the products. The methods of operation rely on the strategy change in communication within the organization hence the importance of the application of the techniques to significant segments of the team that brings about performance. The misconceptions and poor communication are factors that affect a body regarding service delivery, sales and value chain. Inconsistencies in connection create various gaps in the communication chain, and thus better communication methods and channels are needed to address the problems affecting the organization.

Communication serves as the platform for increasing awareness in the organization. Unclear circumstances can be grievous to the performance of the body. However, this can be eliminated by communication strategy change through adopting relevant communication channels and methodologies which when integrated into the organization lead to performance. Management can efficiently involve policymakers and strategists to design a better communication method which addresses the problems associated with communication in an organization. An involvement of training activities by the team on communication structures lead to the seamless flow of conversation.

Harmonious communication between levels of the organizational sales, value chain, service delivery and continuous improvement models can be achieved by the strategy change in conversation with the aim of realizing the organization goals. Poor communication in the various segments of the organization such as value chain, sales, service delivery and continuous improvement results into retardation in the performance of the organization, therefore, a strategy of change to engages the target audience in help in meeting the communication goals and objectives of the organization. (HELCOM, 2014).

Integration techniques.

The involvement of target group may include which include stakeholders, managers, departmental heads and members involved in various departments. Coordination and partnership allow for effective organizational communication and remove all the barriers to communication within departments. The role of coordination communication promptly informs the parties about the existing activities to be met by the organization. The integration of executives, departmental heads and the management board in connection enhances efficient use of resources in a group. The organization's conversation focuses on the value added to facilitate sales, services and continuous improvement of the primary goals and objectives of the organization. Multiple channels and methods of communication within the organization can be achieved via the mix of modern tools and techniques such as the internet, messaging, websites, social media public relation events.

The messages can be used to pass information within various departments of the organization. Based on the objectives of operational details addresses the communication gap including misperceptions that exist within the organization. Supporting messages are used to contact stakeholders about an action plan. Therefore, a wise decision-making method can be reached, reliable connection and proper information can be realized and promote awareness as this strategically support the operations of the organization. A reliable and timely information can be achieved when all activities are communicated promptly and adequately within an organization.

Strategy change in communication is thus an essential ingredient in the business organization since the identified loops are catered for in the strategy which implemented, leads to an achievement of the organization's goals and objectives. Employees need to e trained on the effective communication while getting engaged in sales activity, service provision, value chain and a continuous implementation policy an integration of the strategy in the operations of the organization helps in efficient service delivery and better performance of the organization.


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