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Published: 2021-07-20
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Business plan
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Coming up will a modern financial consulting company that will focus on bringing solution through advice on the increasing consumer lending close rates, the Equity financial consultation company will focus on customer development with set strategies in place to ensure a proper relationship with the customers. This will be handled through categorization on different lenders and how they handle different functions in the organization such as customer engagement, user experience, operational efficiency, their interest rates, reliability and nature of their performance. All the variables will be measured through a scorecard to realize the total weight.

Problem statement

Poor working class individuals across the region are now being driven to into a life of poverty and default through the usuriously priced loans which are deceptively packaged. Additionally, consumers have also faced the serious challenge when it comes to dealing with brokers, third party and lenders providers when it comes to the closing service charge on all kind of fees to the mortgage hunters. Through such challenges the equity banking company is offering solution through coming up with modern and efficient strategies on handling and offering consumers with a solution on easy time to figure out whether the lender is providing a fair shake

Goal statement

With new rules being introduced by the consumer financial protection Bureau, new rules have been introduced especially on the integrated disclosure which will have a great impact on the not only the consumers but also the commercial business owners. Both the sellers and the buyers will experience different impact on the consumer lending close rates. The major goal statement is to increase the consumer understanding on the whole lending process to offer specific loan information that must be at the consumer disposal with specified time line after the making the loan application. Through this simplification of mortgage disclosure forms will also be enhanced and aiding of consumer comparison shopping.

Scope of the project


The top management will participate in making decisions which are aiding the consumer in comparison shopping. The management will draft a detailed proposed interest rates about loan amount and the monthly interest payment, terms, and condition plus technical advice will be offered on consumer better understanding when it comes to mortgage insurance and prepayment penalties. Such information will be found in the document first page to allow the client with easy time concerning comparison.


Bringing up and maintaining competent staffs who will convince and pass information to the consumers through a clearer language and passionate when it comes to helping customers to have the knowledge better and even develop a better understanding of the complex mortgage terms making them understand the key pillars of the loan agreement. Additionally, forms will be developed to offer terms of interest rates, insurance escrows, real estate taxes as well as coming up an indication of how the different amounts can fluctuate over the life of a loan.

Out of scope

Creating a settling statement that can be negotiated in court and will be used when in closed end consumer mortgage loan that will be applied after the specific period. Other types of loan such as the mortgage that is secured by mobile homes or even loans that are provided by the creditors which are bringing out fewer mortgage loans every year.

Compliance risk

The Equity Consultation company staffs and attorneys are committed to offering the clients with the best representation and best services. Through every client's project, there is always an assurance that the company is taking all the guides and the steps which are significant in offering guidance to the clients on the upcoming changes. Through working with the IT professionals and title partners, the system is updated, and the compliance risk will be reduced and solved in case they arise


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