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Environmental sustainability depends on a safe and intact ecosystem. However, a good number of the ecosystems on earth have been degraded and are on the extinction. The society that relies on it the natural habitat for food, shelter, and income have been affected as a result of deterioration. This trend has attracted the attention of the global community that has come together to save the environment for over third years. As such, it has managed to some advances in essential sectors, for instance, organic pollutant, carbon emission, and biodiversity (Jones et al.2008).

Sustainable environment plays an important role in economic development, food security and social peace. Environmental sustainability which is the capacity of groups of living beings and their non-living surroundings to maintain themselves, and individuals, far into the future relies on sound and intact environments. However, the environment provides some the natural resources such as food and water, and all this appears to have been affected. Poor people have played an essential in environmental conservation through indigenous idea and practices which ensure resource are protected.

An article that was published in in the New York Times on 1st April 2017 focused on women as key players in dealing with climate change. The article talks about Durban one of the largest cities in South Africa that is grappling with one of the worst droughts in its history. Under the leadership of Zandile, the female mayor of the town, she has encouraged more women to participate in environmental conservation to find a solution. The article stipulates that women are more vulnerable to climate change effects and the probability of them being educated as researchers in the environmental matters is low. As such, women are not likely to be trained as researchers.

Another article published by the Washington times on November 7, 2016, titled urban population shifts spark environmental tech partnership that talks about how some companies use technology in a maintainable manner so as to meet the escalating situations. One of these companies is United Technologies Corp which has geared up its production of jet engines and heating and cooling systems in a way to ensures sustainable energy utilization. Manufacturing sector should play an essential role in ensuring that there is a sound environmental sustainability.

Role played by IPAT models

IPAD models help us less in recognizing sustainable cutoff points regarding either individual or composite ecological effect. It is vital to our understanding of the general features that reduce and increase the natural effect, but not the level of effect that surpasses sustainable scale. The model highlights elaborate one association of various elements in making an impact. Also, the IPAT equation at the same time exhibits that there is different method for reducing unwanted effects. Studies show that different countries have focused more on different variables to reduce the general effect. For example, developed countries may contribute most to reducing the usage level.

The Stages of Environmental Problem

The first stage is problem identification whereby a problem is created which is definite to allow relevance bodies to find out if the issue is legitimate. Establishing goals and measure is the second stage. The plan of a particular environmental problem will be drawn basing on quantifiable, feasible and practical. The third stage is putting together a problem=solving tool. Some environmental issues can sometimes be solved by inviting the relevant body to address it. For instance, the government might decide to train certain communal organization to carry out watering of yards during dry season

The fourth stage is determining the roles and responsibilities of various key players. For example, the government, community organization topic-specialized need to be distinguished and united to characterize remarkable strides and delegate the duty of guaranteeing those means are completed. Lastly, there is the implementation of the plan. The last phase includes environmental problem solving actualizing the arrangement, through careful planning. It at this stage that significant milestone are identified so as to assess and progress.

The environmental effects of our ecological footprints

A human being extremely affects the environment they live. The way we live, dress and address the issues of natural resources such as food, water, and energy have little effect on the long-term accessibility of these resources. Also, some of the decision we make immensely influence the way manner in which individuals associate in cooperative and aggressive modes that include the unquestionably comprehensive search for both renewable and non-renewable resources (Moffatt, 2000).

Regarding how ecological footprints influence the environment, let focus on our daily life. We do a lot of thing on a daily basis such as watching T.V, going to work. Each of this activity comes with a price which cannot be measured just as far as money. We are using natural resources and disobediently affecting nature, every time we carry this activity. (Fang, Heijungs, & De Snoo, 2015). Though the inclusion of every resource that we use, we can ascertain our footprints on the planet (Moffatt, 2000).


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