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Published: 2021-08-03 05:43:54
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The Secret Lives of Girls

Most feminists' think that some makeups and clothes were created by men to satisfy their needs and to make women powerless. Girls seem to pay more emphasis on these artifices of makeup because they make them look better yet the society believes that they are degrading. Natural self is just an idea that most generations have used to control the behavior of girls, but this has been outdone by the prevalence of heels and makeup known to be the creation of a man who sought to modify women so that they could be more seductive. According to the clergy and feminists, behind the makeup stand the real woman. The opinion of adolescents and that of adults differ. Adolescents have the urge to have a private self not knowing that it is just a presentation of themselves. I do think that the artifices of makeup and heels make the women powerless because they are seen as objects by men. They are just there for the pleasure of women and the satisfaction of men. The interesting thoughts and the discussion question that prevails is what do women think about these makeups and does these artifices boost or weaken their self-esteem?

Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

At some point in life, every single man will feel inferior about himself and will handle some moments of unworthiness ad incomplete. In an attempt to repair such incidences of being deficient and inferior, men tend to act recklessly and engage I foolish risks and behavior. Men believe that in the name of attaining masculinity, the culture of entitlement helps them to suppress the aptitude of compassion as well as empathy. As young boys, they might have felt powerless, but as they become men, they seem to subscribe to guy code and understand their culture of entitlement where they feel superior and complete as men. The so-called guy code keeps the young men from venturing outside the limitations of guyland. In most cases, the bullies are encouraged while those known to be the right guys are silenced. In my opinion, the bullies and predators should be humbled while the good guys should be invited to strengthen the guy code. Questions provoking discussions do the three distinct cultural dynamics of guyland enhance the formation of unwanted cults? Do the men of the current generation respect and uphold the guy code?

The Vocabulary of Transgender Theory

Different meanings and definitions of gender have been put across according to diverse opinions and facts. However, some of these definitions conflict and tend to be confusing. The transgender advocates try to solve the complex ideas by pointing out that people just acquire gender signals. This implies that people learn to be either masculine or feminine based on their projections. The issue of gay marriage has been identified as the re-definition of marriage. Marriage has been understood to be more than a relationship between a woman and a man by the current generation as opposed to earlier generations. In my opinion, transgender awareness should be enhanced so that the people can understand what gender means and what it entails. Questions provoking discussions are does the current generation conflict the ideas of the earlier generations concerning gender and transgender? What do people think sexuality is all about and why?

This week's readings were quite similar because they illustrated the cultures of the different genders and what it takes to be either a male or a female. The texts portray what it means to be a man or a woman. The two genders follow different cultures that give them their identities and behavior.


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