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Physical and natural activities are very important elements of a fit lifestyle particularly when you are suffering from diabetes. Having a healthy routine on meals and doing some exercises helps reduce blood glucose level. To fully manage blood glucose, People must balance what they drink and eat with physical activity and may be diabetes medicine if they take any. How much you eat, what you eat and the time you eat are all important in maintaining our blood glucose level in the required amount and percentage. Making variations in wherever you drink and eat and becoming more active can be puzzling at first, but you may see it easier if you find assistance from your contacts and family (American Diabetes Association, 1999).

Being bodily energetic often and eating well can assist you to maintain your blood pressure, plasma glucose amount, and Fat in your ranges that you have set. Other advantages include, it will help you drop weight or maintain a healthy weight, delay or prevent diabetes and also it will make your body sense happy and have additional vigor. Having diabetes does not mean that people will go without eating the foods they enjoy. People can still eat their preferred diets, but they have to eat them in lesser slices or enjoy them in reduced amounts. The solution to ingestion with diabetes is to consume a range of healthy meals from wholly food collections (American Diabetes Association, 1999).

Consider drinking water instead of sweetened beverages and most importantly use a sugar alternative in your tea or coffee. If you are an alcoholic, drink moderately. Consumption of alcohol makes the blood glucose level to drop too low. Consuming the right quantities of food helps to manage weight and blood glucose level. It is required that people should figure out how much food and how many calories they should eat daily. They should check how many calories are in what they drink and what they eat. The right quantity of carbohydrates diabetic people should consume depends on how they manage their diabetes including what medicine they take and how physically active they are. They can seek nutritionist advice to help them create a personal eating plan (American Diabetes Association, 1999).

Physical activity is extremely significant in staying healthy and managing blood glucose level. It helps to improve blood flow in the body, lower blood pressure and glucose levels, and also to prevent falls and improve memory in older adults. Experts suggest that people should target at least thirty minutes of vigorous or moderate physical activity daily. Vigorous activity is intense and feels difficult while moderate activity feels somewhat difficult (American Diabetes Association, 1999).

Most types of physical exercises are important in taking care of diabetes. However, some physical exercises may be unsafe for some people especially those with nerve damage to their feet or low vision. Many people choose walking with their family and friends for their activity. Doing a different kind of physical exercises weekly enables diabetic individuals to experience the most health benefits. Moreover, it reduces boredom and lowers one's chances of getting hurt. Whether you are attempting to control or prevent diabetes, your dietary requirements are essentially similar as everybody elses. But you have to give consideration to the food preferences you consumed especially the starches you take. Losing about 5% of your entire weight can aid you towards lowering cholesterol levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar. A Recent study shows that eating healthier and losing weight can have a weighty impact on people's energy, mood and well-being (American Diabetes Association, 1999).

By being more bodily aggressive and eating healthier diabetic people can reduce signs or can even inverse diabetes. In general, people should have extra care over their health (American Diabetes Association, 1999). A diabetic diet does not have to be sophisticated, and people don't have to give up their favorite diet. The first move to the creation of a cleverer decision is to distinct the rumors from the evidence relating eating to control or prevent diabetes. One can enjoy his favorite meals as long as he plans effectively and limits hidden sugars. Physical exercise improves insulin sensitivity in diabetic people and helps them manage their weight. An easy way for these people to start exercising is to walk for about a half an hour a day or try swimming, biking or any other moderate-intensity activity that can make a person break a Sweat and get him/her breathing hard. In conclusion, our bodies can regulate blood sugar levels when we eat healthily and exercise daily. We should aim for consistent and moderate portion sizes for each meal. This will provide energy as well as steady blood sugar levels. And this process will help us control diabetes (American Diabetes Association, 1999).


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