Native American Cultural Centre: Business Recommendation

Published: 2021-06-30
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The Native American Cultural Centre as a component of diverse initiative provides an environment that is culturally relevant to the Native Americans and other individuals having the interest in the culture of Native Americans (Bates, 2013). It also serves as a precious resource whereby native cultural articulations are experienced. The NACC has increased awareness on the heritage of Native Americans as well as promoting the importance of people (Native Americans) to the development of common wealth. Even though the previous US government funded and came up with a commission that was to recognize the and promote the Native American Cultural Centre, the current administration has brought a change to the political climate towards the Native Americans, and there is fear that the government might terminate all the financial support. This can be attributed to the perception of Donald Trump towards the Native Americans and their culture, whom he recommended to leave the nation once he assumes power. Failure to get the financial support might subject the business to financial crisis thereby leading to its collapse. For the maintenance and continuity of the business, I would, therefore, give recommendations based on the following critical elements to address the situation which the Native American Culture Centre is currently facing

Business Project Teams

Based on the available internal resources within Native American Cultural centre, the team involved in the business project should be engaged efficiently to obtain a favorable result for the company (Katzenbach & Smith, 2015). This should be achieved by taking the time to learn and know the interest of the business team members, which thereafter, will build a good relationship the team members hence bringing a positive impact to the business.

Being that the company assets are worth $10 billion and the pattern is increasing gradually due to people in the developed countries, more focus should, therefore, be put on attracting these people to visit the business more frequently. As the common phrase goes, "Use money to get money", the company should expand their business by investing in the culture and heritage of these developed countries. To achieve this, the CEO must directly involve the business team members on its implementation after giving a proper training to ensure that they accurately complete their assigned tasks.


The threat posed on the business due to the withdrawal or minimization of support by the government has presented a bad image to the public because it depicts that the products and activities availed by Native American Culture Centre are inefficient. This information is wrong and might bring an adverse effect to the business. Many people will perceive the business the business negatively, and the number of customers visiting the Native American Culture Centre will eventually reduce resulting into low income.

In order to minimize this effect, the business must use verbal communication and visual communication strategies to its situation to customers (Coombs, 2007). Verbal communication which can be used can either be oral or written, whereby when it comes to written strategy; the business can use chats or texts to explain at its best level all the activities it engages in, the goals, mission and its objective. The business can as well use the oral communication strategy, even though it is expensive, it stand to be the most effective since it enables the business to engage the customers directly and respond to their concern promptly if there is any. Through this, it will be very easy to convince customers with facts and change their negative perception towards the Native American Culture Centre. The Native American Culture Centre can as well use the Visual Communication strategy to change the adverse effect of wrong information; the business should mainly focus on WebPages and Signs to draw the attention of the public. The information should majorly focus on the goodwill of the company to improve the native culture.


The business is facing a financial crisis and therefore to prevent it from collapsing, the current customers must be maintained, and at the same time, more customers must also be attracted. This is only achievable when a customer-friendly price is put in place; the business can lower the prices of their products for a given period, and after that, it is to be adjusted back to normal. On the other hand, the Native American Culture Centre should choose its operational environment very well. More focus should be in places occupied by the Native Americans hence expand their business to other races who have got the interest in knowing their culture and heritage. This strategy will help in forming a strong market foundation, thereby, the marketing of their products will not be very hard as compared to other areas with different races. It will also enable the business to show some ethical characteristics as they involve other races in their activities.

To minimize fund loses, the Native American Culture Centre must be very cautious in its operation. For the business to attract customers and woo financial donors, all the set rules guiding the functioning of a business must be followed to the latter. This will also help the Native American Culture Centre to restore its image in the face of government authority and the public; this can change the stand of the government on their activities. At the same time, this will help save the funds which might be spent if a lawsuit case is filled if their operation is considered not to be right.

Political Influence

Being that the Native Americans have always been part and has contributed to the development of the country by offering their services and paying taxes, it is illogical for the government to withdraw any form of assistance from and discriminate them just because of their heritage. The business can seek the help of civil society to help them in advocating for their right; this can as well end in human rights court as it as a denial to enjoying an individual's rights and culture. At this level, the perception of the government may have changed towards the Native American Culture Centre to positive.

Moreover, the Native American Culture Centre can as well engage professionals who understand the impact of local business to the growth of the economy. They can as well advocate for the business since they perceive local business to be more fundamental hence should be prioritized for any form of financial assistance.

Being that the business also stands to serve many foreigners, the Native American Culture Centre should engage the government authorities and make them realize by the virtue of its content that it deserves to be a tourist attraction site, and this majorly provides the state with potentials to earn foreign revenues. This can bring sense to the government and, therefore, enable her to invest more funds in this business, and at the same time spread right information that gives the Native American Culture Centre a positive image.



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