My Life Vs. My Grandparents' Life - Essay Sample

Published: 2021-08-10
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Sometimes I wonder whether I will reach the age of my grandparents if their ways of living are the major contributors to their current generation. However, I am yet to understand what makes their lives very different from mine. While I presume that the introduction of technology is one the major causes to such differences, I still do not believe whether their lives would be like this with the presence of technology at the time they were growing. In particular, ranging from eating habits to socializing, my grandparents life is different from mine which makes me admire them but sometimes pity such lifestyles.

First, my grandparents love visiting each other in case they want to share something meaningful with their age mates. This is contrary to me, while I occasionally visit my friends and age mates, in most cases, I call them or contact them through social media. I believe the introduction of technology has contributed to this particular difference of living, but I feel my grandparents have taken it at a high level. Ideally, they have the phones, and their friends too have phones; however, my grandmother cannot call before visiting her friends. Sometimes I make fun of them when they go visiting and miss to find them. I ask them why didnt you call first.

My grandparents do not like sugary foods. On the other hand, such types of food are my favorite. My grandparents always advise us to avoid all kinds of food that are sugary since they are the primary causes of certain diseases of our generation such as obesity and diabetes. I am very familiar with such arguments since they fall under some of the concepts taught in school. Despite knowing such relevant information about sugar and diseases, I am still an ardent supporter and admirer of such types of food, a lifestyle that is entirely different from my grandparents.

Another different life I live with my grandparents is storytelling. While I know it is their role to educate the young ones, I do not think I will copy this kind of lifestyle even if I happen to reach their age. In particular, they spend most of their time telling a story that happened years ago, some of them are not even significant to us. Although I like the stories, I am worried if I will be able to do so if I get a chance to have my grandchildren in future. I thank God there is technology hence I will tell them to google if any case the search engine will still exist.

In conclusion, I live a different life from my grandparents; however, I admire the way they operate. With some reality, I find it very healthy and the reason they have attained such ages in this era where people die while young. In particular, my grandparents like physical visiting instead of making calls despite the fact they have phones. They also avoid sugary materials which have been associated with diseases such as obesity and diabetes. Surprisingly, these are the kinds of food my generation like. Lastly, my grandparents utilize a lot of their time in storytelling, something I do not think I will do even if I grow old. All the same, I understand that the emergence of technology has transformed the way we behave.

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