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Published: 2021-07-30
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Sewanee University of the South
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I have discovered that understanding my deeper self is the best path towards becoming an effective learner. According to an assessment that I have conducted on myself, I am keen to details that most people ignore, I prefer practical lessons rather than theory alone, and I value the company of other students in group discussions and assignments. The elements that I will explore in this learner profile are interests, extra-curricular activities, my message to the instructor, the kind of a learner I am, mode of self-reflection, my work preference, my top competencies and the best method of expressing my knowledge. The purpose of this assignment is to document the report of my personal assessment in a manner that will allow my teachers and peers impart knowledge in a way that would be most beneficial to me.

My biggest motivation is attaining the best grades that would please my parents. On a wider perspective, I am inspired by the call to become a productive member of my society. In line with this motivation, I regularly set and review my goals to evaluate their conformance to my dreams. I am capable to setting SMART goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound. I also acknowledge that setting goals and sticking to their implementation is difficult, but I do the best I can to ensure that I remain on track as much as I can. Therefore, I can attest to my capability in developing study goals and strategies, although they dont always meet the qualities of SMART objectives. My Visual, Aural, Reading, and Kinesthetic (VARK) model is founded on four pillars: pictorial demonstration, internet and database search, listening to podcasts and interactive case study analyses. This model points to my preference for group discussions as well as solitary study in quiet places.

I have remarkable past experiences with peers that continually aid in the review of my learning strategies. In one of the group discussions, Mark commended my excellent inquiry skills that placed me at the best position to answer questions that require critical thinking. In another instance, Lukas expressed his interest to copy my zeal to extend the class discussion to the real world. These remarks from my friends reinforce my assertion that I prefer to practice the literature written in books and course material. I believe that education should empower learners to becoming productive citizens. This empowerment is only possible if it starts from within a student. Subsequent to self-promotion, learners become inquisitive as they try to relate the content learned in class to the world outside their classrooms. My experiences in group discussions are congruent with those of Mark and Lukas. Mark reports to have difficulties in accepting the differing opinions fronted by other group members while Lukas wishes that peers do not argue against his suggestions. However, I realize that the learning process is a give-and-take affair, and the input of others is just as important as yours.

In conclusion, I have learnt through experience that the teacher gives a small portion of the course material, and it is the role of the learner to fill up the framework with more information. Therefore, deep studies coupled with peer consultations are the best modes of learning. With this information in mind, I can become an inquisitive learner by appreciating the immensity of information available in offline and online study materials.

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