Most Stylistically Poor and Excellent Texts

Published: 2021-06-25
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Most Stylistically Poor Text

The most stylistically poor text is the one extracted from "Good will hunting by Matt Damon & Ben Affleck (1997)." The text is part of a movie conversation and therefore an informal text. There are poor sentence structures that are not friendly for the readers. In this text, the author has also used informal phrases that compromise the meaning of the text such as gonna, fuckin', and hookin'. The above phrases are stylistically unacceptable according to George Orwell's style of writing. Again, this text is a drama piece whose grammatical structure is stylistically poor. The author used incomplete sentences that account the poor style of explaining ideas. Regarding the word choice, the author used a poor word selection for this text whereby there are so many jargons in the text. The use of words like comin', gonna, and fuckin'. The text has also incorporated vulgar words like fuckin' which is a poor style of writing. From a scholarly perspective, the text is also poor since the author has incorporated vulgar words like fuckin' which are scholarly unacceptable. Additionally, the text is dirty and filthy in that the author used phrases like "fuck you." The entire text is a drama extract, but actually, the choice of word and phrases has compromised the style of writing.

Most stylistically excellent

The most stylistically excellent text is the one by Albert Einstein from "On Education" (1931). The above text is a formal text, and therefore it should apply formal words and phrases. Again, the text is a descriptive text where the author has used excellent phrases to bring out the ideas. In this text, the author has applied an excellent word choice whereby there are no jargons and vulgar words. Regarding vocabulary choice, the author has applied simple words which are easier to understand and make clear connections between the descriptions. Another style incorporated in the text is the use of rhetoric question such as "but how shall one try to attain this ideal? The above rhetoric question is an excellent argumentative phrase. The author has also applied the figurative style of writing which gives the readers a clear definition of what the author is trying to bring out. Concerning the word choice, the author has used formal academic words that are not denotative. From the style of writing, the text is stylistically excellent because it is academically acceptable. Other features that make this text stylistically excellent is that it has well-organized structure and it being a descriptive text, it clearly leads the reader to the point of view. Additionally, the text is precise and no use of slang and jargons. The text is an excellent descriptive essay where the writer has precisely explained his opinion concerning the importance of education.

Most rhetorically excellent text

The most rhetorically excellent text is the one by Albert Einstein "On Education" (1931). The above text is a descriptive essay where the writer has incorporated descriptive rhetoric strategies such as structure, word choices, and verbal representation of ideas. From the text, the author has begun the description by introducing the reader to his idea. From the introductory paragraph, the author promptly gives the reader full description of the point of view. Regarding the structure of the rhetoric text, it is well-organized such that it clearly convinces the reader about the point of view. The author has also used rhetoric questions in the texts to enhance the reasoning of a reader and more so to support the point of view. The tone of the text is also rhetorically excellent in that, the author's tone is not emotional to affect the reader's feelings concerning the point of view. In this descriptive text, the author has also used phrases that create sensory images concerning the point of view. The above description is an objective description where the author has excellently used phrases that report accurately what the idea is and his point of view doesn't affect the perception of the reader. Other features that make this text rhetorically excellent is the word choice by the author as well the descriptive phrases and the rhetoric questions. Lastly, it is also the most excellent stylistically written text.

Good English Style and how it contributes to good rhetoric Good English style involves the correct use of language in the rhetoric context to persuade the reader. Good use of language makes it easy for the writers to understand what the writer is saying. Good English style involves well-structured rhetoric where the author explains points efficiently and effectively. Good rhetoric depends on their structures whereby it can be a descriptive rhetoric or an argumentative one but the style of language is the determining factor. Good English, therefore, supports the structure or the rhetoric text. In most occasions, when poor English style is used, the reader fails to locate the context. Additionally, good English style significantly contributes to good rhetoric writing by enhancing how to share values, enhance reader's beliefs, and proper presentation of ideas. A good English style, therefore, involves three considerations which are the writer, audience, and the context.

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