Martin Luther King, Jr Once Said, I Have a Dream - Essay Sample

Published: 2021-08-11
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At a tender age my dream was to get a college education, now I am on my way to making this possible. The journey has not been easy, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. I will finally achieve my dream of getting a tertiary education.

To achieve my dream, I had to set several goals. The goals included undertaking an online upgrade course, enhancing my time management skills, and conducting research to boost my knowledge.


To progress in my goal achievement journey, I had to upgrade my courses. However, there were various requirements I needed to progress.

One of the requirements was acing my exams. Passing the exams gave an indication that I had understood what was required at the various stages of learning.

Learning to learn was the other requirement. In my journey, I had to master how to break down learning content into concepts for easier grasping and retention.

Researching was part and parcel of my journey. To gain additional understanding, I had to go beyond the available resources to strengthen my understanding.

Time management is an essential part of an achiever. Implementing time management techniques assisted in the organization of tasks and the timely delivery of requirements both at school and home.

Creating a functional personal timetable assisted me in organizing my time well. Moreover, the timetable at school made it easier for me to prepare in advance before the tutor started teaching.

Setting certain study times enabled me to focus on other goals as I continued in my quest for tertiary education.

Prioritization was a key concept that enabled me to stick to my goal. I had so much to do and read, but setting my priorities right enabled me to focus on the crucial areas that would make a difference.

Other than setting my priorities right and upgrading my courses, I conducted some personal evaluations to determine if I was still on the right path to achieving my dream.

My achievements provided an avenue for evaluation. Whenever I achieved something, it was an indication that I was a step closer to actualizing my dream.

Relevance was the other evaluation technique I employed. I would look at what I was learning or doing and its relation to the realization of my goal.

Adjustments are part of my journey to achieving my goal. If something was contradicting my dream actualization, I would improve and focus on something else with relevance to my dream.


There have been various barriers in my quest for a tertiary education. However, resilience and perseverance have been key attributes that have brought me this far. Am closer than ever to realizing my dream. Having a dream and never trying to actualize it renders an individual incomplete as he or she will live knowing there was a dream that was never achieved. The first step to victory is the hardest but once in, the journey has its ups and downs. In the quest for any goal achievement, time management is paramount. If time is managed well, it can speed up the goal achievement of an individual. There is no dream that can never be realized, the determinant is the effort an individual employs.

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