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Published: 2021-08-15
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Growing old is one of my biggest fears. I avoid thinking about living that long. However, the programme theory and wear and tear theory that explain the phenomenon of growing old as inevitable made me reconsider the positivity's that may accompany increasing old. Late adulthood will have a peaceful level of satisfaction blended into it. I look forward to being surrounded by my friends and family. The people I love. There is a level of comfort that comes from watching one's children grow to become great role models for their children. Nothing beats the pride of seeing my children growing up to responsible adults and spending time with my grandchildren.

I fear when I age I will look ugly. I imagine my blissful skin all wrinkled up and ugly. I also worry that I will be a burden to my family in case I become too old to work or control simple necessary body functions. I also fear the transition of waking up one day from my middle age and realizing that I am old. I fear that I may wake up one day and forget how old I am.

I visualize a happy and healthy late adult years for myself. I look forward to being an inspiration to younger middle-aged women and men struggling with the paranoia that accompanies old age. I am looking forward to having fun in my seventies. The love around me from my family will trigger me to eat and live healthily and live a while longer. Most old people sink into depression and hence suffer from several diseases because they are on the verge of self-suicide. I will ensure that by the time I turn sixty-five, I will have saved enough money to use for special care in the case where I need it. The study states that an older generation of educating late adults will have the opportunity to live longer and healthier. Learned new adults can afford the excellent health that ensures both longer and better standards of living. (Navasky and 'Connor) I will save up and cause no burden to my family.

When I grow old, I will indulge myself in activities such as jogging, cycling and running. To ensure I am motivated, I will join clubs that encourage seniors to keep fit through practical but straightforward exercises. The key to keeping fit while over ninety is assuming that we do not grow old (Schutz's) Don Pell man, the senior Olympics champion, of ninety-four years past, believes that a healthy exercising habit in late adulthood begins when we push ourselves away from the table when you have had a full meal. (Schutz's)

I opt to live in a senior nursing home when I grow very old. In these facilities, I will be under the care of trained professionals who are experienced with older people. In these institutions, I will be safe and interact with other seniors of my age and beyond. Nursing homes guarantee proper medical and physical attention without the guilt of stressing my children out while still under the pressure of taking care of their children. I would hate to be a burden to my loved ones. If I save up for my late adulthood, I will live longer and healthier and happier. My late adulthood will be a time to have fun and serve my country.



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