I Will Guard Your Life With My Life - Essay Example

Published: 2021-08-04
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It was one summer afternoon, and we were driving when I saw a rec-center building. I turned there and went inside where I saw a sign that said lifeguard tryouts. Two weeks later, I came back to the place to try out the lifeguards. The trainers asked whether I wanted to be in the deep or shallow waters. The first task was to try the waters back and forth. One had to tread in 10 feet of water for five minutes without using the hands but just the feet. So I undertook the first task and trod the water for five minutes. The second task was more challenging. They threw a block in the water ten feet deep such that one couldnt use goggles to see through the water yet was required to get the block in less than a minute. You had to go into the water, reach for it and get it out. So, it was my turn to try the exercise. I looked down into the water, saw the block but couldnt get down to where it was. I couldnt breathe properly and so did not manage to get it. The lady trainer was kind and gave me a chance to try the shallow water and this time I got the block.

The training program had around seven classes in total. Some days we learned CPR and others we watched TV on ways to rescue someone in the water. There were two days left to the end of the week, Friday and Saturday. On Friday I went for the class but on Saturday I had three places that I needed to attend, and this called for a decision. There was the lifeguard class, a gender-reveal party for my aunts unborn baby, and my baby brothers birthday party. I did not know which one to choose. When I asked my mom for advice, she said it was up to me to decide. This was a lifetime choice. I asked my mom, Do you think when surgeons have big operations pick them over a family member party? My mom replied that they choose whats important, which is their job. After consulting my grandmother, close friends, step-mother, and step-sister in vain, I decided to sleep on the issue and finally decided to attend the gender-reveal party.

At the party, the food was very delicious. After a long wait, my aunt revealed that the baby was a girl. A few months later, my aunt had the baby and I was with her in the delivery room. She experienced no pain during delivery. The doctor was amazed and told her that she was the second person in his career that had no pain during child-bearing. So, the baby was born and my grandmother, mom, and I were eager to know the babys middle name. The baby had been given my name for her middle name. I almost cried. I was so touched that they had chosen my name for the baby. I was glad that I had chosen the gender-reveal party over the lifeguard test. It taught me about differentiating what is important at the moment over what is not. I could have taken the lifeguard test any time, but the gender-reveal party was happening only in one day. Starting that day, I swore to guard the life of that baby with my own life.

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