I Have Not Failed, Ive Just Found 10,000 Ways That Won't Work - Narrative Essay Example

Published: 2021-08-18
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True to this saying, life can never be a smooth ride. There has to be ups and downs. Personally, I have encountered several difficulties over the years. However, this did not stop me from working hard towards achieving the success I wanted. I remember a time when I was about ten years of age when I was unable to tie my shoes, but my father encouraged me to keep doing it over and over until the day I was able to do so. There are many other times that I was trying to ride a bike, but I was not able to be stable and could easily fall. It was again my parent's encouragement that made it easier for me to ride the bicycle. So I know life cannot be easy at all times and people have to struggle, no matter how many times individuals struggle if giving up is not an option then it becomes much easier to achieve success.

One specific instance that has always stayed in my mind was when I was in high school. Bullying was a terrible experience to me, and many times since I was an international student I realized the other students took advantage of me. I was very fearful in class that my performance went down. There was a day when after entering the classroom a student by the name Ken made a mockery of me, and I found myself crying. When I went home, my parents asked me what the problem was, but I never told them at all. As time went by my parents visited the school to assess the situation, but since I had refused to tell my teachers what the problem was, they found it difficult to discuss my issue with my parents.

One day while we were doing examinations a boy sitting from behind me threw a paper that was written answers on it. The invigilator came to where I was sitting and asked if I was copying. When I said no, she checked and saw the paper with answers written on it and decided that she could give me a zero. Well, it then dawned on me that if I could never rise and be brave I will be the one to suffer and my life will never be the same again. So I started reading books on how to be successful in school even when being bullied. With time I started gaining courage and could ignore whatever the bullies were telling me. It took me at least three months to adapt to the new self.

During the second semester of spring, I made it to the top ten of my class. Suddenly, all the fear I had regarding failing in class started disappearing. I realized if I continued to ignore those bullies I can even perform better. One thing that I knew was that the bullies never made a joke of the top performers, so it was my only duty to ensure that I topped the classroom. As days went by I continued to read novels like that of Ben Carson and I gained more insight on how to be very successful. With this encouragement in mind, I gained confidence and started performing excellently and took position one in or class.

On occasions such as parents day, I was highly recommended to be the school captain. I could not refuse this duty since I knew the students who were bullying me could now be under my supervision. After being announced the school captain, I took my work seriously. I ensured that bullying was stopped at the school and reported all cases of bullying to the school administration. It is then that the school set up strict measures to counter bullying. Although I did not exercise my powers in the wrong way, I did make sure that those people who had bullied me were expelled from the school. I gained more respect than I thought. The only problem that I encountered was dealing with both academics and my work as a school captain, but with time I was able to regulate my duties and performed miraculously well.

This is one of the stories that I always tell other individuals who have tried severally but failed. All individual's need to do is persist in their pursuit of success. Giving up should never be an option. Just like Thomas Edison tried severally but failed, he never gave up, and today the light bulbs we are using are a blessing thanks to his works. If Thomas Edison had given up easily then apparently we could not be using electricity to see. So no matter how many times people try and fail that should never be the end of life. It is required that we keep trying so that finally, we can also have a success story to tell because at the end of the day what matters most is not how many times a person failed but how successful one emerged at the end.

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