How to Age Gracefully - Video Response Essay

Published: 2021-08-11
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The video clip, how to age gracefully features advice from both the male and females ranging from the age of seven to ninety-three years old. Notably, these individuals dole out advice to their younger counterparts regarding every sort of issue ranging from how to live with your babysitter to how to actually, live your entire life as a whole. Therefore, in my opinion, this video makes me believe that regardless of your age, there will always be a person who thinks that they are more knowledgeable than you are.

Firstly, the video begins with the advice from the youngest participants in the clip. More specifically, the bits of advice from these young ones are mostly funny and silly and are directed to other kids. However, as the interviewees advance in age, the advice given becomes broader and more philosophical in nature, targeting people across all age groups. For instance, I noticed that the advice provided by the kids between ages 8 to 18 speaks to the younger versions of themselves, on how to live and love your individuality, without being influenced by what the cooler people think is right.

Nonetheless, as the interviewees advance in age, those in their early and mid-twenties have their advice centered more on survival skills and how to make it through your millennial years. In this regard, the advice that resonates best with me is that from a savvy 24-year-old to a 21-year-old saying that, if a man happens to have a house in the suburbs, then he must be married. In my opinion, although this advice may seem like an illusion, from the surface, it tells more about what both men and women consider appealing at this particular age.

Although I feel like not so much advice can be borrowed from those in their late 20s, as the interviewees enter their 30s, their advice begins to focus on family and career primarily. For instance, there is that one person who believes that while one is in their 30s, being laid off can be some form of disguised blessing. Besides, one woman advises her younger counterparts on the importance of always being kind to the family since they will be the only people who will be there for you even in touch times. The most realistic people in this interview have to be those in their 40s. In my opinion, these interviewees give evidence to the fact that, it is at this age that people begin to get introspective. For example, a woman in her 40s advises her younger counterparts on why it is not essential to care about what other people think about you.

I am mostly amused by the fact that, the older these interviewees get, the more their advice begins to get similar to what was said by the youngest interviewees, funny and almost senseless. I am particularly drawn to the advice from the 91-year-old granny who advised her 89-year-old counterparts that cultivating friendship with younger people is important since your older friends will begin to die off. Finally, I feel like the 93-year-old ruined it all. I am particularly conflicted by his advice when he says that there is no need to listen to other peoples advice. In my opinion, this is all it is about, being human.

In conclusion, drawn from my perspectives about what most of the interviewees across different age-groups think, I believe that there will always be someone with something to say to you regarding your age and how you are supposed to live. The bottom line, however, boils down to what you personally think about yourself.


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