How My Childhood Neighborhood Shaped Me - Narrative Essay

Published: 2021-07-30
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My childhood neighborhood has shaped who I am because of the many people I have met. There was a girl, Jayme, who lived right next to me who was my best friend although she was about a year younger than me. She came over every day to play on the swing or ride the golf cart to our friends Tyler or Byrons house. Jayme had a lot of issues with self-worth because of how her parents treated her and other colleagues at school. She would come over and tell me all the hurtful things kids would say to her because of her thyroid problem. The disorder caused her to be overweight.

Whenever I went over to her house it was always smelly and dirty because her parents were always at work. Probably they did not have the time to clean. It was very sad and I always sympathized because she was such a sweet girl; I thought she did not deserve to live such a lifestyle. She taught me to be strong and thankful for my health as well my endowments in life.

Tyler, my other friend that lived in my neighborhood, was my best guy friend. We liked each other unconditionally since he was my first real boyfriend. Tyler taught me how to embrace self-discipline and how to handles issues whenever am confronted with one. He always told me how much he missed his mom. His mom took off abandoning him with his dad and his step sister. Since then, Tyler had a challenge of trusting ladies because he always thought they were going to leave him. However, he was confident I am-and-I-will always be there for him regardless of the ups and downs of life.

Byron was a boy a year older than me who used to give me advice about relationships and homework. He came from a pretty good home and was a good kid. He used to go to Calvary but as he got older, he got more reckless and eventually he stopped hanging out with us. Byron started becoming rude and lost all his friends which caused him to become depressed and we are no longer in touch with one another. He has taught me that, no matter how good your home life may be, there is still room for flaw.

Naturally, the socioeconomic factors classify us. There exist a mixture of life experiences that people from various social class exhibit. Regardless of your background, it is prevalent to find universal problems like health problems, depression, trust issues, and other family problems striking and individual hence building up their experiences in life. It is so amazing to watch how peoples lives can change so drastically as the clock ticks. Growing up in this environment where the society comprises of the upper, middle, and low social class friends has influenced my behavior. As such, I am blessed with the virtues like kindness, humbleness, humility, obedience, loveliness, faithfulness, and helping the needy. I have learned more lessons while living in this neighborhood than I ever had in my life. I have always been interested in Psychology and all of these lessons are significant in my life; counselling and ensuring peace and harmony is prevailing in the society is my responsibility.


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