Guidelines for Writing a Research Paper

Published: 2021-07-20
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Writing a research paper requires some elements and feature which are in fact unique and mandatory to them. These features are really what determines a research paper and consequently differentiates it from other writings.

The procedure of writing a research paper involves the choosing of a topic. The writer is then tasked with finding sufficient required information that will enable them to generate a proper informative article subconsciously. Typically, the information is made from other related pieces of writing that the writer deems to be sufficiently informative with regards to their intended paper and the topic chosen.

After an extensive research process on the topic at hand, the writer is expected to write an introductory paragraph. It is in this subsection that the writer is also expected to write a thesis statement for the research paper. The research thesis statement is in fact what forms the position of the research paper. The position at which the thesis statement is placed is usually not fixed, although in most instances it comes at either the beginning or the end of the introductory paragraph.

The researcher is after this expected to make a tentative outline, in which he is projected to describe the contents and the components of his research paper. At this juncture, the writer is expected to organize his notes in a systematic manner that shows the flow of the research project. The identified outline, in this case, is what is supposed to guide the writing of this paper. The final draft of the paper, and subsequently what is presented is dependent on this outline. The outline is what is used in building and developing the body paragraphs for the research paper.

The final segment of the research paper is the bibliography section. At this juncture, the writer is expected to give a list of all the works that belong to other authors that he used in his writing. The bibliography is organized in a systematic manner that is by the rules that are associated with the drafting of the index.

The introductory paragraph

The opening paragraph is the paragraph in which the writer introduces his work. The length of this subsection varies with regards to the content of the entire research paper and also the type of the research paper being written. The introductory paragraph, in addition to announcing the research topic, also provides a context and a rationale for the work. The opening paragraph is also expected to set a tone for the work in addition to introducing a thesis statement.

The thesis statement

The thesis statement is a sentence or sentences through which the writer states the main ideas of research. The thesis statement also deserves the critical role of controlling the flow of ideas within the paper as if offers a guideline to be used in writing the paper and constraints to which the writer is obliged to remain. In other words, a thesis statement is not merely a sentence l9ke the other phrases, and rather it is a reflection of the opinions and the conclusion that the writer has reached with regards to the topic being handled.

The introductory paragraph for my research paper

One of the major waves that are currently underway in the present society threads and a system is the rise of civil societies and public watches, interest groups and even human rights watch organizations within the communities. Most of this organizations are meant to take care of individuals with particular challenges, the main groups targeted by these agencies include persons living with disabilities, people with certain health and mental challenges, orphaned children and the economically challenged individuals. The aim of this paper is focused on addressing two issues, including Individuals with Disability Education Act, (IDEA), and No Child Left Behind, (NCLB). The reason for the choice of this two topics is their correlation and the fact that they both address individuals living with disabilities. For the success of the entire education system, it is important to ensure that when making the reforms in line with the school system, then the system as a whole should be taken into consideration. Among the factors that require being addressed include education reforms even in the sectors dealing with individuals living with disabilities, in this respect, both people living with both physical disabilities and mental disabilities and challenges.

The Annotated Bibliography

Every well-written research paper should have a bibliography. The index refers to a list of scholarly articles that the author site bin the course of writing his research paper. Usually, it is written as an appendix. The bibliography has to be written using a certain specific format, following the stipulated rules for writing a list. Usually, it comes at the end of the entire work, and it encompasses all the works that were cited by the author in his work.

An annotated bibliography, on the other hand, is a descriptive overview of the full list of books, articles, documentations, and publications that are cited by a writer, in this case, however, each citation is accompanied by a brief explanation, purposed at bringing out the relevance, accuracy, and quality of the work cited in relation to the work of the writer.

Annotated bibliography of my work

Archived: 25 Years History of the IDEA. (07/19/2007). Retrieved from U.S. Department of Education:

This source is quite informative and efficient for the study and the research process as it contains a vast collection of cases that have previously been handled by the individuals with disabilities education act, it consequently comprises the acts that have been Gazette under the project for the law that supports the education of the people living with disabilities. The work is also efficient as it contains studies that have been conducted in recent times and therefore they are not outdated.

IDEA Special Education. (ed.). Retrieved from U.S Department of education: second article subsequently is also relevant to the studies as it is also informative with regards to the topic at hand. The fact that it is retrieved from the U.S department of education is a sure fact, and a factor relevant enough to prove that the information that it contains is correct and worthy to be used in the research.

OSERS Deputy Assistant Secretary Named by Secretary Davos. (2017, 06 07). Retrieved from policy Insider: like the first and second articles that are used for the research, the third article is also relevant as is the similar case of providing sufficient information. The article seems to have been given by a high ranking official in the ministry of education, proving its authenticity.


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