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Published: 2021-07-07
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For me, nursing is not only a career but a vocation. I have grown in a family of nurses which has significantly nurtured my interest in the field; saving human life is my passion. A clinical career is quite demanding; a lot has to be internalized and understood within a speculated time. It requires high dedication and good organizational skills. A regular SWOT analysis is essential for a learner to gauge how much they have garnered on the subject and how far they have gone regarding their personal and general goals (Dossey & Keegan, 2012).This essay is a reflection of the achievement of my personal goals and insights to further growth in the clinical scenario.

Building effective communication skills as a clinical practitioner topped my list of objectives. Nurses interact with patients more than any other medical staffs, therefore, has to be a good communicator. In every clinical session I held, I made sure to build a good rapport with the patient. I was conscious of their emotions in a composed manner, be emphatic, listen and advice accordingly. I quickly made friends with the patients who helped me document comprehensive and accurate information as they were able to confine in me. More so, it has been a step forward into dealing with cultures with stereotypic affiliations towards modern medicine.

Administering a physical exam and doing proper patient assessments. A nurse is never contented without the ability to perform on a patient. The class sessions were never enough to have a practical experience, I, therefore, took up a part-time nursing role at a clinic in our school where I spent most of my free time evaluating clinical cases, interpreting results to patients and conducting simple exams on children and adults. I can effectively diagnose diseases and delivery treatment which motivates me to go on with the initiative.

Further, learning professionalism and exercising proper patient management is a dream come true. Nursing demands a lot of patience and tolerance. The enormous workloads and long duration clinical especially the off-time sessions pushed me close to a break point. However, I have adapted to the art of multitasking and being flexible to handle the strenuous situations. I can consult with my colleagues and provide services in align with the ethical the codes of nurses. More so, being outgoing has helped me land internship roles in several institutions substantiating my nursing endeavors.

Institutions could enhance on the nursing course by encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit in the nursing sector. Like any other technical course, nursing can be done to pursue ventures in the medical business. The labor market continues to overflow with the continuous influx of nursing graduates greater than the available job vacancies. Institutions should consider emphasizing the role of entrepreneurship in association to the nursing profession by customizing leadership programs to include business studies. By so doing, they will instill confidence in learners to consider venturing in private clinics and hospitals as a business opportunity. Hence, develop competitiveness in the nursing world, utilization of the available skills and reduction of joblessness (Dayhoff & Moore, 2002).

More so, expanding the avenues for students research, contests and presentations will motivate their interest and development. Students have potentials that ought to be unleashed; they are the future of the professional world. Encouraging student participation in nursing affairs will pull in a lot of creativity, innovation, and competition into the field leading to further developments.

In conclusion, learning objectives help strategize successful completion of a project. Moreover, it serves as a tool for self-assessment. In my case, setting the clinical objectives has enabled me to manage my studies alongside plan my prospects. Plans without clear projections may collapse and cause frustrations. It is compulsory to outline your aims before taking up a task to have it more systematic, time-bound and organized transition in every activity.


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