Essay on Theme of Love and Resistance in the Community of the Blacks

Published: 2021-06-23
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To say that Martin Luther King had a dream would be an understatement. The correct statement would be that the dream had Martin Luther King. Luther was so determined to bring equality and fight for the rights of the blacks that it seemed it was his purpose of living. To him, it was his lifes calling, and nothing else superseded that. It gave him a sense of satisfaction that no other thing did, and he although he never lived to see his dream come true, he did quite an excellent job. To date, his works are evident and remain memorable and valuable to the black community. This paper is going to talk about the resistance of the black community concerning justice and community.

In his speech on the crisis of 1954 that was brought about by the outlawing of segregation in the public schools of America. This resistance was spirited by the black students who had for long been discriminated and treated like the inferior class of humans. In a society, the most embarrassing thing one can do to a person is belittling them and making them feel unwanted. This was the feeling that the blacks went through each day in the United States of America. People should learn to love one another and coexist by putting their differences aside. However, this was not the case in America in the not so distant past, and this was the etiology of resistance of the black community.

Same same but different, so a wise saying goes aimed at encouraging unity among the human generation and fighting segregations of any kind. However, this saying came to be embraced after the long Jim Crow era whereby segregation was the order of the day. The blacks were segregated and not seemed fit for the society. Whites treated Blacks like rejects; something one would scrape off their shoe, and this was the accepted way of life. The Jim Crow period was characterized by rigid anti-black laws meant to put them in their place; socially, intellectually, physically and culturally inferior beings. This paper is going to discuss the tangible and the intangible factors of segregations.

There were physical factors of discrimination that out rightly demeaned the black people. The blacks were treated as slaves whose job was to offer manual labor to the whites. They were treated as second class citizens and the Jim Crow caste system allowed violence to be used to maintain them at this position, if necessary. Billboards, post signs, and other public media were used to enhance the segregation. The blacks were not allowed to use the same social amenities such as schools, hotels, and parks, as the whites due to their inferiority.

Intangible factors of segregation included beliefs and practices. For instance, the blacks were not allowed to display affection as it would infuriate the whites publicly. According to Jim Crow, etiquette entailed introducing the blacks to the whites and never the other way round. The blacks were not considered to be that important to be put in place to the whites. Finally, the black people were not allowed the freedom of speech. For instance, they were not authorized to express or comment about the appearance of a white female. Neither could they overly demonstrate skill, knowledge or intelligence to the point of intimidating the whites.

It is this lack of love and social justice in the community of the America that Martin Luther King fought tooth and nail to eradicate. People should love one another despite their physical, religious, political, and ethnic differences. At the end of the day, we are humans, and that should be enough to unite us.


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