Essay on Sources of My Influence

Published: 2021-07-21
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I have lived and learned, picking great insights along the way. People have different individuals whom they highly regard as having played a big part in shaping their interests and views. Whereas some people are influenced by their family members, others draw their inspiration from political leaders and personal experiences which they might have encountered in their lives. Three people have been particularly crucial in shaping my interests and views. Those are my father, Chloe and the army. The role that my father has played in shaping my views cannot be overemphasized. He has influenced my perceptions in four main ways. First and foremost, he has taught me the meaning and value of family. From him I have learned that nothing trumps family.

When growing up, he always set aside time from his busy schedule to be with us. This was coupled with the fact that he always ensured that our basic needs were fully catered for as well as taking care of my elderly mother. Secondly, my dad has taught me how to view the world from a different angle. This lesson is very imperative given the myriad challenges the world faces. He always reiterated to me that a strong that a man is known during difficult times and as such always encouraged me to rise again after falling. Moreover, his own life experience has been a huge source of learning; that it pays to approach the world with an open mind and that when all is said and done, the experience that comes with having seen and done things can never be substituted. Last but not least my father has taught me the values of honesty, hard work, and giving back to the society. According to him, for one to achieve their goals, they ought to fold their sleeves and go for the kill.

On the other hand, Chloe has helped me broaden my mind in the true spirit of diversity. This has really helped me in accommodating people from different backgrounds as well as those with divergent religious affiliations. Moreover, she has also helped me appreciate the value of education through my relationship with her, I have come to appreciate that education should inform and challenge people to strive towards creating solutions for social problems. It is also through education that livelihoods can be transformed. This has helped me in mentoring young people on the imperativeness of quality education. She has also inspired me, injecting some energy in my life by reminding me that it must be lived and enjoyed at the same time. From her I have learnt a crucial lesson: it is not enough to have an open mind, I must go further to broaden my worldviews by imbibing new information. Lastly, the army has tough me three main lessons: thinking on my feet, handling tough situations, perseverance, and a big heart to help. Situations will arise where decisions will have to be made quickly and instantly.

I am now better in thinking and making decisions, thanks to my army training and experience. Sometimes it all boils down to perseverance and endurance when the going gets tough. The army has also imparted on me the heart of helping people who may need my help in one way or another. It has taught me that service to humanity is service to God. Thanks to the army, I have learned to do this, if and when necessary. Honestly, I am grateful to my father, Chloe and the army for how they have shaped by interest, views and perspectives.


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