Essay on Racial and Ethnic Composition of the Population in Missouri State

Published: 2021-07-12
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It is important to look at the race and ethnic composition of this state. According to the demographic statistics, it has been found out that the people of one race are comprised of 98.5 percent while the rest form other races (Fullerton & Walke, 2014). Among the other races, the white forms the bigger number adding up to 84.9 percent followed by black and African Americans who form 11.2 percent.

Per capita income

Looking at per capita income of this state, it is important to note that some counties have more households than others hence having a different per capita income as per the households (Vaughan et al., 2013). The amount of per capita income ranges between $15,000 to $35,000 depending on location. It is therefore important to state that among the 115 counties, there are those counties that have incredibly high amounts of per capita income compared to others.

Unemployment and Poverty

Looking at the poverty levels, it is important to note that the rate has been increasing over the next five years from 2009. In 2009, the poverty level in Missouri state was 14.6 percent. This value has changed over the years and increased to 16.3 by 2012 and later fell back to 14.8 by 2015 (Meyer, 2016). This indicates a high rate of poverty in the state.

Synthesize and evaluate the interrelationships of a.), b.), and c.) data.

Looking at the interrelationships, it is important to point out that the highest amount of per capita income is raised by those counties that are not considered poor. These are counties like Platte, St. Louis County and St. Charles. Moreover, these states are less ethnic since they have more whites (around 75-80 percent).

Using a per-capita income of $19,000 dollars, post your recommendation of the desired locations of a community-based health organization by county and a description of the "average" or "common" patient.

In selecting the right locations for a community-based health organization by county and description of the average patient, it is vital to state the states where people have as low income as $15,000. The most suitable counties are Oregon, Ripley, Texas, Shannon and Douglass. These counties have earners with low per capita income hence making them a suitable location for someone with as low as $19,000 per capita income.



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