Essay on Perception Change

Published: 2021-08-15
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During our early teenage years, my friend and I loved spending most of our weekends at the park. One relaxed afternoon he elbows me and says, Dude, check out the girl! Now that is a ten! We argued for a while because I did not agree with his rating. Personally, I preferred them with slim waists and from a young age, my taste and preferences were religiously restricted to curvaceous girls and nothing less. Well, that seemed too ambitious for me because it was very difficult to find one with the exact attributes in my list. Everything however changed when I met this girl in junior year at the high school.

Her name was Jennifer. At first sight, she never caught my attention because her physical appearance and features barely fitted my taste. Neither was her face pretty enough nor body curved enough to capture my attention. However, after a while, her intelligence began intriguing me. She was extremely smart and the first time I talked to her was about academic help. I asked for her help and asked if we can do a group project together. Luckily, she accepted my request and we met at Starbucks to work on our presentation.

The presentation was on Edgar Allen Poe and honestly, I had not prepared for it when the meeting arrived. That, however, did not deter her spirit and I was just amazed just watching her work and her dedication. I was particularly intrigued by how she planned out the presentation with exceptionally long details, outlines, and scripts. Though normally it would feel clever to get away with it, I felt awful for not having done my part. When I apologized, she gladly accepted it and told me not to worry about it. She was kind and understanding and it touched me. The more we talked, especially about her life in Croatia, the more she became attractive. She was honest about her struggles and victories and that really moved me.

Finally, when we were done with the presentation, we parted ways but it was different from previous group work projects. Usually, when a group project is over, there is no further communication with the group members but with Jennifer; I had an active communication and engagement in other schoolwork afterward. She became a valuable friend who was always ready to help me in figuring out my struggles. I was motivated to even work harder in school to surprise and prove it to her that I deserved her goodwill efforts.

Every day she grew attractive and astonishingly, the fact that on the first day seemed unpleasant became the prettiest I could ever ask for. If my former standards, which settled for nothing less than the beauty of Angelina Jolie and body of Megan Fox, were any to go by, I would never have discovered a girl so intelligent, warm and kind that she was. Getting to know her on a personal level erased my thoughts of the ideal type and instead, I made her my ideal type of a girl. I wanted her to like me. I opened up a different door in my eyes. I lost interest in the girls exterior and I was more attracted to a girls passion, independence, power, leadership, and strength. I learned that the term beauty is not self-explanatory. People look at others and judge others just by what is on the surface but I found out that it went beyond the physical appearance. It was an intangible inner quality that could be felt in spite of the ones looks and this quality becomes to others when a person is able to make quality and intentional choices like Jennifer did. She made me an appreciative and better person by showing me that there was more to beauty than just a striking glossy skin and a perfect body shape I held so high.

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