Essay on My Dietary Habits

Published: 2021-08-15
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From my dietary habits, I realized that most of what I eat especially the main food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, sugar and dietary fibers are all within the desired range. My fat intake should also be reduced since it has been more than the expected target. The most efficient way is by reducing the number of fatty foods that I take on a daily basis. However, I also realized that I have a couple of deficiency in my diets especially on minerals and vitamins. To correct this, I need to improve my intake of vitamins and minerals by eating more fruits daily and also adding foods that are rich in minerals like liver and green vegetables. I believe the necessary changes that I need to make are feasible. My diet allows me to have a wide range of foods with minimal allergy and this makes it easy to adjust to the various changes that I am planning to make in my daily dietary habits. Most of the foot that I need to increase their intake are foods that I have been taking before just that they were in lower amount s than they are required. There are more options that I can also choose to meet the deficiency.

In conclusion, good diet prolongs the lifespan if a person by generally improving the health of a person. This, therefore, means that it is important that people conscious of their diets since it has a great implication on their health. However, good nutritional habits are not established in one day and neither are they destroyed by a mistake in one day by taking an unbalanced diet. In contrast, unhealthy eating habits can predispose someone to insidious health problems that more often than not ends up interfering with the success rate in academics and general social performance of the person. In serious cases, one may even develop long-term diseases such as diabetes or heart diseases. It is therefore important that one knows what to eat and how to maintain proper nutrition.


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