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Published: 2021-07-27
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United States constitution allows American citizen to possess licensed guns for self-defense (Schuman, 427-438). The right to own a gun is constituted in the second amendment of the in the second amendment that states that rights of the people to own guns should not be infringed. To this effect, preventing people from owning guns we are infringing upon their rights and prevent right the to defend themselves when the need arises.

One of the critical arguments for gun ownership is the fact that when civilians are not able to legally purchase the gun, this will create a black market where citizens can purchase weapons illegally just like any banned contraband hard drugs in the streets, thereby increasing crimes. To prevent this from occurring, gun control laws should not be prohibited entirely. All law-abiding citizens should be allowed to buy guns whenever they want.

Moreover, restricting civilian from owning guns makes government powerful. Banning ordinary citizen from possessing guns will end up giving government too much power, thereby increasing chances of government ruling people with tyranny. According to NRA, the second amendment gives citizens right to own guns. These weapons are meant to prevent citizens from living under tyrannical government. According to National Rifle Association (NRA), they have stated that violence and crime can be reduced when more citizens have access to guns. Providing firearms to law-abiding citizens violent crime crimes will decrease. In support of this research, NRA has presented statistics showing that in 2010 United States homicide rate dropped by 52 percent (Lott, John.)The same statement has stated that, in 2010, violent crime rate also dropped astonishing by 48 percent (Lott, John). The reason behind this massive fall of homicide rate and crime rate in America was due to more law-abiding individual owning guns. Also we can ensure that those acquiring firearms are not minor or a person of unsound mind. Those who want to acquire guns must possess a medical statement of sound mind.

Three arguments people would make against gun control policy

Gun control policy has attracted different views from different government organs and non- governmental organs. These aspects have both positive and negative feelings toward gun control policy. All in all, below are some of the arguments people would make against gun control policy;

One of the most cogent arguments against gun control policy is that easy access to guns contributes to violent crimes (Smith). The proponents of gun control policy argue that majority of violent crime is committed by use of firearm arms. This information is biased on this grown because people die from others factors which do not involve the use of the firearm.

Those against this policy argue that widespread of guns and ownership will make weapons to fall into the wrong hands. But, what they forget is that they are regulations which are set aside to monitor licensed guns. For example, States governments have established background check across the country every year for those individuals with the licensed gun and ensure they renew the license every year.

According to most proponents, gun control will make people feel equal and serve in the society. Those people who possess guns are considered powerfully, but if state government regulates guns among individuals people will fell save.


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