Essay on Connection of Freedom in Judith Ortiz and Joyce Carol's Novels

Published: 2021-07-28
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The search for independence is every humans desire as depicted in both Ortiz and Carols novels. In Joyce Carols book where are you going, where have you been? she tries to describe the search for the independence of Connie as she approached adulthood. According to Carols writing, she displays that Connie is hungry for freedom and when she realized that there were other teenage boys at a specific famous restaurant, she rushed to the place. Freedom is what Connie yearns for and for that reason, she wanted to join her fellow peers to adopt their ways of mannerism and to feel connected to her identity (Oates, Carol & Wolff, n.p.). In adolescent and early adulthood life, the pursuit of freedom makes an individual to distance themselves from their parent's control and protection, start lying to be allowed to go out for movies and picnics with peers and many begin to make intimate relationships.

The pursuit of freedom sometimes leads to misuse of ones body by the people who take the matter to be their advantage. For instance, Connie in Carols novel met Arnold, her friend who exploited her desire for independence. The pursuit for freedom results to physical violence and brutal acts on ones body especially when a teen shy away from their parents advice and control. Independence and freedom lead to unpleasant situations later on. Regarding Joyce Carols novel, the questions where are you going? And where have you bee are the ones that make teens run away from parents after securing themselves freedom. Teens freedom comes up with related problems since, at that stage, some people usually have hidden intentions, have wrong incarnations and sometimes pretend to be what they are not.

Freedom by teens blackmails reality with fantasy since it is shown that Connie spends most of her time playing trashy daydreams in her mind making the reality and her concrete experiences to fade into vague yearnings that are guided by desire and love. Freedom in teens confuses them to act foolishly since the teens' life begin to be of high secret codes, use of unique signs, and sometimes they engage in nightmares (House n.p.).

Regarding Oates, Carol & Wolff (n.p.), the ultimate reason why people fight for their freedom is to fulfill their sexual desires, love, power and to safeguard their race. Fighting for freedom makes an individual make the people who were currently taking care of them to fill pissed off and most parents usually seclude themselves from helping their children after realizing that they can make decisions for themselves.

Freedom makes people live at free will making upsets to their close associates like their parents. Regarding Joyces novel, freedom has its benefits and drawbacks to both the people seeking for it and the people who are connected to the freedom seekers like their parents. It should be noted that there is male predation especially for female teens seeking freedom and disengagement from their parents. It should be pointed out that the pursuit of freedom has adverse effects if the individuals do not find it while sober.

Volar by Judith Ortiz

It is a fiction story about a family that made the initiative of leaving America in search for the better destiny of his family which Ortiz terms as the American dream. Ortiz outlines that the family was in the quest for both religious freedom and the freedom from the suburbs. The family was searching a world where everything can happen the way they would like to happen. Since circumstances prevent Volar from meeting her dreams while in the suburbs, she opted to run away from the events that limit her from achieving his life goals. The girl in the Volar essay has a dream of becoming a superhero and getting the freedom to fly, have extraordinary features like straight blond hair, hardened arms and be able to see into places she cannot see with her normal physical state (278).

Being a Puerto Rican in the Suburbs of America made the little girl fit into all groups of people to the point of taking a glimpse into girls dream. The girl and her mother are struggling with how to make a decision of living the suburbs or stay in the American nation. The mother dreams of going back to her homeland, and at the same time, her daughter knows that just like her mother, she is also in the line of reaming about things that will never happen. In these two scenarios, the two characters display that they are unable to come up with a clear and precise decision about their destiny by covering their minds with fantasy. All this is in pursuit of freedom. Which other kinds of liberty do volar looks for? There are several forms of freedom that American dream outlines: freedom of speech, freedom of the press, religious freedom among others.

According to Ortizs (n.p.) fiction story, whenever people view American lifestyle which entails having a stable family living in a nice house, having enough money to shop anything and having at least two cars they think of identifying their destiny through searching for freedom from captivity in poverty. Making the dream of living a life similar to that of American dream makes an individual like the little girl in Ortiz story believed that if she could gather the freedom she wanted, then she could make a difference in her life.

According to Mays (n.p.), comparing ones life to other peoples lives just the way Joyce outlined in her article is the main cause of people seeking for the freedom to do things. It usually happens among teens and young adults who still show a high prevalence of the pursuit of liberty. The factors that make a juvenile or any young adult to think of gathering themselves freedom is the idea of comparing themselves to others, looking at the propaganda that media airs out. Volar shows that the dream of money makes an individual to set themselves free from the factors that deny them the chances to make money. It is well seen that there a search for the freedom from poverty in Volar since the family outlined in the fiction story shows that they are aiming at achieving the American dream by leaving the suburbs where poverty dwells.

Therefore, the two sets communicate about freedom and its consequences, the influence of fantasy on making choices and the ultimate reasons why people choose to fight for their freedom. For instance, in Joyce Carols text, the freedom that Connie seeks leads to several injuries on her, her parents and her associates due to the people taking advantage on anybody who aims at exploring what they can be whenever they gather the freedom they want. Lastly, we can conclude that every human being yearns for freedom for a better lifestyle, for instance, freedom of speech, religion, movement, expression and much more. However, it should be noted that freedom has its consequences and we must be ready to handle it.

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