Critical Thinking Essay Sample on Brand Specifics and Price Differences

Published: 2021-06-25
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Critical thinking
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Consumers have different perceptions about Walmart, do you think the general opinion of the public changes about whether or not people would be honest about a purchase from Walmart if they are based out of an urban center (downtown Toronto, New York City, etc.) versus a suburb or more rural town or city?

Walmart as a company has significantly revolutionized retails in the U.S.A. Among the biggest contribution is the revolution is attributed to the transformation of the supply chain logistics. When it comes to geographical distribution, the company is more concentrated in the rural area than in the cities and major urban centers (The Independent Institute, 2017). The wages in the rural areas are low. This change the perception of the public about the purchase from the Walmart compared to other big retailers.

The majority of the Walmart opponents do not consider the economic benefit of the company. They concentrate on the contribution of the company to the traffic and the general destruction of small urban centers, as well as the community spaces (Wood, 2015). The large city dwellers do not readily welcome the aggressiveness of the company to acquire land. This is because the public fears the community spaces that might be destroyed. This means that majority of people, whether big city dwellers or rural town dwellers are not comfortable with Walmart aggressiveness.

Price Differences

How many of you would be okay with drinking Coke or Pepsi at an event outside of your home, but would never purchase Coke or Pepsi in bulk for consumption at home? Are there any other products you can think of that might have similar consumer trends?

Many customers prefer to order for bulk Coke or Pepsi drinks at bigger events. In reality, few people would buy the soft drinks in bulk for home consumption. This trend has been argued to be so because the customers tend to avoid some hidden expenses associated with the drinks (O'Hare, 2011). Generally, there is taxation for sales of food products which are sold at places where an admission fee is charged.

When such events are organized in mini-hotels, the cold drinks served do not incur taxation on the side of the guests. In many events, the cold drinks do not include tax for the customers. However, buying the drinks in bulk for home consumption constitutes retailing which is taxable (Small taxes on soft drinks and snack foods to promote health, 2000).


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