Critical Thinking Essay on Effect of Global Warming on Peoples Health

Published: 2021-07-19
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Global warming can be referred to as the rise in temperature of the earths surface and the oceans. It results to the polar ice caps melting, sea levels rising and abnormal climate patterns such as excessive snow, desertification, and floods. Global warming is one of the major global environmental issues in the health sector. The major factor that is resulting in global warming is the use of fossil fuels. Some of these gases that contribute to the global warming include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and coal. The global warming results to affecting the human health. It causes various diseases that are associated with the change in climate and temperature (Minkel, 2007).

Global warming results to the outbreak of various diseases such as skin cancer, respiratory diseases, yellow fever, and malaria. Prolonged drought that is caused by increased temperature may result in airborne diseases that can be transmitted easily through the air due to the windy condition. Warmer temperatures allow the mosquitos to survive in areas that they had never survived before. The increased temperature also results in vascular diseases. It causes swelling of the hands and feet with burning pain (Philp, 2012).

The government needs to intervene to help in reducing global warming. They should enforce laws and rules that regulate the type of fuel people are using and emission of harmful gases to the atmosphere by the industries. People should be encouraged to use renewable energy as this will reduce pollutants in the air. The government should also enforce laws that prohibit deforestation. Deforestation has also contributed to the excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The nurses have a role to play towards the reduction of global warming. They should act as agents of ensuring that the environment is not polluted and that the gases that are emitted to the atmosphere are environmentally friendly. They should carry out campaigns that educate the people on the effect of global warming on their health and hence encourage them to use the renewable energy, take part in tree planting activities. It will help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide that is in the atmosphere (Goyal, 2009).

Global warming has a great impact on the healthcare system. Some of the diseases that are caused by the change in temperature such as skin cancer may resist certain drugs. It may require the healthcare system to do further research on how to prevent the spread of such diseases. The health care may be needed to buy new technological equipments that will enable them to be able to handle the various emerging diseases that will be caused by the climate change. This may increase the health care expenses.

In conclusion, people should be educated on the impact of global warming on their health. They should be discouraged from carrying out activities that will lead to the emission of pollutants in the atmosphere and harmful gases as it will later contribute towards global warming. Everyone has a role to play to help in the prevention of global warming which is mostly caused by the human activities.


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