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Published: 2021-08-15
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Both economic and non-economic motivated crimes are common in universities. A learning institution is likely to experience crime related to the theft of items such as cars, its parts, and other auxiliaries. This crime is often committed in the parking bay when students and other members of the community park their cars. Most of the car owners leave their cars for long periods from the morning when they arrive at school and go about their businesses in the compound. However, upon returning to their cars, most of them find some items missing having been stolen.

These crimes can be controlled using environmental strategies that would keep away the thieves. These designs work in such a manner that they scare away the crime offenders since they monitor the environment where the crime is committed. The crime offender, therefore, fears being caught and handed over to the authorities. The first strategy is the surveillance of the parking area where the crime is committed. This can take the forms of installing CCTV cameras in the area to survey all the process that takes place in the lot. People can also be put in different strategic positions to oversee all the activities taking place. It also involves the use of spies who will monitor the activities taking place and report to the authorities.

The second strategy is controlled access. There should be restricted access to the parking area to ensure that everyone gets to the parking lot is authorized and checked. Territoriality is another concept whereby the organization should take full control of the area using such strategies as constructing perimeter fences all around the area. Administrative agencies that manage the parking area can also be performed to authorize the people getting or out of the lot. The institution also needs to set up laws and legislation that guides the use of the lot.

Reflection Assignment 8: General Aggression Model (GAM)

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were the main perpetrators of what has come to be known as the Columbine high school massacre. They committed the crime on 20th April 1999 where they killed thirteen people composing of a teacher and students and injured another twenty-four people. They also committed suicide on the same day by shooting themselves.

Eric Harris grew up rather as a normal kid living with his military retired father and mother. They shifted to live in different places and settled in Colorado where Harris then attended the Columbine high school. Eric was calm and was one of the main targets of most bullies in school. He also developed an interest in computer games and kept playing them to perfection. He perfected Doom which seemed violent and even set different levels in the game. His behavior was also altered by criminal groups such as the Trenchcoat Mafia that he associated with them.

According to the general aggregation model, the behavior of Eric was adversely affected and dragged to violence by the activities he engaged in. his personality was first was firstly negated by the bullying he faced in school and became violent. His exposure to crime-related computer games changed his thinking and aroused his need to commit a crime. Further, the psychology of the two friends Eric and Dylan also played a key role in shaping their behavior. Their close relationship and having the same interests in crime-related computer games drove them to practice the crimes they had often saw on the internet. Eric was also an introvert that never related well to people even his teachers and fellow students. He was noted threatening his teacher and fellow student.

Reflection Assignment 9: Interviews with Dr. Blanchette Kelley

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) is the central partner that collaborates with staff, offenders and other teams in a correctional facility to manage the mental health of offenders. They monitor the treatments plans of mentally challenged offenders and deliver medical, social, correctional, spiritual, recovery and psychological support services to the offenders.

The first process is assessment and screening where CSC conducts a thorough check on the mental situation of the suspect. This is normally done in consideration of the crime the person has committed. This is done by qualified mental health professionals. Offenders with mental challenges must be separate from the normal offenders.

The second section is the treatment and other support services. Once an offender is ascertained to have mental challenges, the body offers professional medical and support services that meet the desired standards in the community. Further emergency services are offered as part of the correctional and mental health services in the organization. The cause of the problem is also established and once it is known other correctional measures pertaining to the problem such as drug and substance abuse are executed.

CSC also manages the transitions in the health status of people to ensure that the person recovers in a progressive manner. This includes the provision of therapeutic, safe houses and other specialized equipment. Transitional support systems and support programs are also offered. The final section upon the uptake of the specialized services includes the provision of training and education services that will enlighten the offender on different aspects of the law and the mental condition. This is part of the general correctional services that integrate the individual into the society after their isolation in prison.

Reflection Assignment 10: Women Offender Corrections

Even though the CSC try to approach both male and female offenders in correctional facilities in the fairest means, women offenders access some benefits that the men do not. When dealing with women offenders, CSC factors in the psychological development of women in choosing the type of punishments to apply to them. The correctional facilities that women access also differ from that of men.

From past studies and the interview, women have an emphasis on relationships and development and thus would want to see that they relate well with others in the facilities as well as keep a cordial relationship with their friends and family members. Women need to grow and be in contact with those that they can relate with and thus CSC considers it wise to allow women to nurture these relationships. CSC, therefore, aims at maintaining the womens capacity to build both mutual and emphatic relationships.

On the other hand women and men, offenders undergo the same treatment in the way they are handled as pertains to their commitment to the crime. Crime is often a choice and so despite their gender, the offender must undergo similar correctional situations. The offenders normally develop the same mutual feelings once in the correctional facilities and thus must be handled in a similar manner. Further, the motivators to commit crime are similar in both male and female offenders.

The CSC approach to women is worthy and should be upheld. The psychological development of women differs from that of men. While crime is a choice, more women are more remorseful after committing a crime, unlike men. Further, the rate of recommitment of the same crime among women is minimal, unlike men who are likely to commit the crime again.

Reflection Assignment 11: Working with Sex Offenders

Working with sex offenders is both interesting and challenging. It is very tasking and needs a lot of knowledge to understand the sex offenders. This category of offenders often differs from the others since this is more of a psychological disorder representing both a crime and a civil wrong to a person. As a professional, I would choose to work with sex offenders since the department is organized with different levels from the regional to the national departments who play an oversight role in the management of these offenders.

The parole office position is more attractive since it involves working with people who have been released on parole. As a parole officer, one is concerned with the welfare of people outside prison but living on parole. The officer would then make plans for the individual and help them fit back into the society. Normally prisoners find it hard to adjust to the life outside prison. They face various psychological and physical challenges that need the help of a professional to help them adjust their lives. This position allows one to practice their professional knowledge in planning and understanding the society.

Working in the office conducting research on sex offenders is worthwhile. There is a lot of scanty research done on sex offenders and it would be prudent to conduct further research in this field. Researchers need to find out some of the causes of committing sex mistakes. The vice is also associated with mental issues and the researcher should find out the factors that lead sex offenders to commit such a crime. This knowledge and research would be useful in finding out the solutions to these problems.

Reflection Assignment 12: Spotting Potential Victims

The purpose of the research was to find out how criminals spot potential victims to attack. The researchers wanted to examine the walking styles and behaviors that make innocent people the potential victims of an attack. They used the students within the institution as respondents for the study. The research used the students as both control experiments and as items of research. The experiments were further controlled by altering the awareness of the respondents when they were aware that they were investigated and when they were unaware of the recordings done. The study further used existing literature on criminals and how they spotted their victims. Previous interviews on these process had been done where initial criminals had talked about how they identified their targets.

The study found out that a thorough observation of people characters and their movements could contribute to the identification of potential spots by criminals. People that walked bent and unsuspecting were mostly attacked. This is due to their poor alertness and would often seem to have to wonder thoughts that did not concentrate. This was reflected in their behaviors as to the way they walked around. The study also established that people were more alert when they knew they were being watched unlike when they were unaware of the lookouts.

This kind of research is valuable to students of criminal studies who want to understand more about the psychology of criminals. It also cautions innocent people who are potential for attacks from criminals against portraying the risk characters that attract them to criminals. The study recommends that further research can be done on the factors that lead drive people to commit a crime. Criminology is also related to some areas and a research can be conducted on the factors that make such areas prone to criminal acts.

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