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Questions and Answers on Bastards of the Party by Witherspoon

According to the BUSSGs (Black Urban Social Street Groups), and the Black community in general, what was the original purpose and intentions of the early so-called gangs...
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2021-08-18 06:26:21

Questions on Dealing With Gangs - Paper Example

Question OneLaw enforcement is charged with the responsibility to make the citizens feel safe in the community. According to Roberts (2003), gangs have been growing at an...
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2021-08-15 09:03:48

Paper Example on Criminal Street Gangs

Criminal street gangs have been a huge problem and still remain a problem in many states of the U.S. street gangs are associated with many of the most serious crimes espe...
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2021-08-11 22:07:49

Geographical Problem Analysis Paper Example

In the United States, gang problem has remained a stubborn, persistent problem over the decades. Kids associated with gangs are involved in risks that go beyond crime an...
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2021-08-04 06:26:56

Essay Example on Social Influences

The Trinitarios are noted as the fastest growing gang in the New York. Trinitarians were formed in the 1980s in New York prison system (Howell, 2015). The group spread it...
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2021-07-22 11:25:28

Essay on Gang Violence in Chicago

Chicago is viewed as one of the areas that are influenced by gangs. Children as young as ten years old join them as a way of identifying themselves with the others. The g...
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2021-07-02 18:49:08