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Let Spirit Speak! A Journey Through the African Diaspora by Vanessa Valdes - Literary Analysis Essay

Vanessa Valdes explore the opulent aspects of the African culture portrayed among Africans that stay in Diaspora. This book is a collection of essays about African Diaspo...
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The Effects of Sierra Leones Natural Resources on the Mende People - Research Paper Example

Natural resources are substances or materials which occur in nature and could be exploited for gains, economically. These resources mostly exist without actions or inputs...
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Mining in Congo for Cell Phones: Effects of Mining and How It Is Related to Child Labor

Mining is one of the most important land use activity in the Republic of Congo. It has employed millions of people, especially in the informal sector. Over the past few d...
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Development of Africa - Paper Example

Africa has grown over the years and is a continent that will develop extensively shortly given the brains it carries. Africa is commonly known as the cradle of humanity....
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Essay on Climate Change Conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa

This article by foresight Africa viewpoint was written in January 2017 and provides insights about current and future conflicts related to climate change. It points out t...
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Essay on Current War in South Sudan

South Sudan is the youngest country in African and has been undergoing civil war since December 2013.The war affects the citizens socially, politically and economically....
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